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Pic 51 Pic 51
Ice cream store shaped like an upside-down cone, Main Avenue, Weston, late 1940s. Andrew Sleigh Collection (1224 11)
Pic 52 Pic 52
(Left to right) Nedra Boston, Donald Gafford and Annette Leach at a Blue Creek swimming hole near Pentacre, circa 1950. Bonnie Greenleaf Collection (3036 03)
Pic 53 Pic 53
Work crew building locks on unidentified river, either Kanawha, Ohio or Coal. Stonemason Theophilus Schott mailed the photo from Marmet to Seth circa 1914. Naomi Keller Collection (3115 15)
Pic 54 Pic 54
Tom Hash's truck, hauling lumber in Cabell County, is lifted off the ground by the load's weight, 1926. George Swann Collection (3148 12)
Pic 55 Pic 55
Falls at Gauley Mountain. Commerce Collection
Pic56 Pic 56
Union High School cheerleaders, Monroe County, 1957. Estep Collection
Pic57 Pic 57
Decorated Christmas tree surrounded by an elaborate mural/diorama, Wheeling, December 25, 1906. Harry Welling Collection. (0096-03)
Pic58 Pic 58
New Year's Eve Party. Piedmont Herald Collection (1803 11)
Pic59 Pic 59
Man with accordian and gun. Kenna Collection (0759 15)
Pic60 Pic 60
Miners and mules underground
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