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Pic 61 Pic 61
Young men boxing, Logan Stadium. Mildred Queen Collection (3026 14)
Pic 62 Pic 62
Deaf and Blind Troop, Girl Scouts, Institute, 1946. Also pictured are Lady Baden-Powell and Mrs. John W. Davis. Girl Scouts Collection
Pic 63 Pic 63
People on hillside overlooking Dailey, Randolph County. Farm Security Administration Collection
Pic 64 Pic 64
"Devil's Tea Table," a singular rock formation on the James H. Nash farm near Buffalo, Putnam County. It is eleven feet from base to projecting part, and fifteen by twenty-four feet on top. State Archives Collection (1278 08)
Pic 65 Pic 65
Football game, Hampshire County. Hampshire County Schools Collection (HC42)
Pic 66 Pic 66
Construction of the New River Gorge Bridge. Cabinet File: Bridges, New River
Pic 67 Pic 67
Lillian Parsons with pears. Eve Southall Collection (2770 10)
Pic 68 Pic 68
Man standing beside tall stacks of lumber, Meadow River Lumber Company, Rainelle. Meadow River Lumber Company Collection (1179 05)
Pic 69 Pic 69
Construction of Hawks Nest Tunnel. Elkem Metals Collection (1045 03)
Pic 70 Pic 70
Postcard, West Virginia Pulp and Paper Mill, Cass. Archives Collection (1210 12)
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