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Pic 71 Pic 71
Widen Safety Club members at the old YMCA / theater building, Clay County. J.V. Hinshelwood, standing, far left, superintendant of Elk River Coal and Lumber Company. Tom Mix, actor, front row, third from left. Dennis Griffith Collection (3251 05)
Pic 72 Pic 72
Lantz Dairy Company truck, Emmett Edwin Lantz and Ernie Virgin beside it holding milk bottles, in Follansbee. Jim Mirasola Collection (2716 12)
Pic 73 Pic 73
Small-mouth bass, Little Coal River, 1930. J. Paul Rusk Collection (3262 10)
Pic 74 Pic 74
Dedication of the West Virginia Turnpike, November 8, 1954. Rosalind Funk Collection
Pic 75 Pic 75
Big poplar tree, containing 12,469 feet Otter Creek, Boom and Lumber Company, Hambleton, Tucker County. David Strahin Collection (1418 06)
Pic 76 Pic 76
Horse traffic on old iron bridge, circa 1910, Alderson. Monroe County Historical Society Collection (3301 08)
Pic 77 Pic 77
Oil workers, Copenhaver, Kanawha County (3316 05)
Pic 78 Pic 78
Girls in bathing suits eating hot dogs. American Viscose Collection
Pic 79 Pic 79
Smoke Hole Caverns, Grant County. Commerce Collection
Pic 80 Pic 80
President Franklin D. Roosevelt in parade car with West Virginia Governor Homer Holt and Senator Matthew Neely, Charleston, September 3, 1940. Malcolm R. Mathews Jr. Collection.
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