A great source of pride in West Virginia's fascinating state and local history, the Mountain State's historical highway markers have attracted the interest and attention of young and old for some 65 years. Since April 1937, when the first sign was placed at a former capitol building site in the state capital, nearly 1,000 West Virginia historical highway markers have been erected to commemorate prehistoric, historic, scenic, and geological sites. From the state's two panhandles to its southernmost regions, historical highway markers grace the roadsides in each of West Virginia's 55 counties.

Now, the information from all these markers is available in one handy volume. With locations and complete inscriptions arranged by county, over 100 photographs, and a brief history of West Virginia's marker program, Marking Our Past is the most comprehensive collection to date of these popular reminders of the state's rich history. The price for mail orders, including tax (for in-state residents), postage and handling (for delivery in the United States only), is $15 per book.

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West Virginia Highway Historical Marker Program
West Virginia Archives and History