Monisgnor Thomas Acquinas Quirk

Weston Democrat
September 24, 1937

(Of Msgr. Thos. A. Quirk)

Father sleeping before the calvary
Thou art a saint in slumber deep;
Keep love's candles brightly burning
On heavenly altars ever sweet.

Dearest Padre, how we miss you
Loving hearts can always tell.
Yet you're near us fairest loved one
Your last wish we knew so well.

Thou who came in early manhood
Faithful were unto the end.
Ever ministering, serving, helping
Teaching hearts the heavenward trend.

On your mission road to heaven
Many a rugged path you went;
Yet contented, happy, willing
A ray of grace you ever sent.

Fifty-three years ago on September twelve
You came to our Loveberry hills.
On this same date death's angel came
And sorrow each heart now fills.

Humble travelling, simple living
Faith, hope, charity - the lessons taught;
Orphans, refuge, house of kindness
Can we forget those treasures bought?

You who shunned life's praise or glory
Still were crowned above the rest;
Thus fulfilling Jesus' teaching
Your life will rank among the blest.

At your feet the joy of mankind
Shone on many a marriage tie.
Them the children, grown and aged
Came from youth till time to die.

In death's dark hour you didst comfort
Brought the bread of life so sweet,
In the midst of sorrow helped us
Prepared the souls our God to meet.

At thy door the poor were welcome
Never were turned away in need;
And your counsel, guiding footsteps
To false prophets paid no heed.

To you, promotions were no offer
Remote curing was thy quest.
While our laymen seek for honor
You did glory at such jest.

As a lesson you didst leave us
Obedience to the will of God.
Love of neighbor, penance, humbleness
Daily thought of the life we plod.

Lives of famed men all surround us
Pictures from the lives they led
But "Father of the Hills" has left us
Records of the souls he fed.

Now in final rest a pattern
Of the life for us to lead;
As a tribute from your loved ones
Prayer, mass, love shall be our heed.

A Beloved Parishoner [sic].