Religion in Western Virginia
Francis Asbury in West Virginia
Resources on Francis Asbury
"Statue of Bishop Francis Asbury Erected in Washington"
"Rehoboth Centennial, &c."
"Oldest Methodist Church In West Virginia"
Cover of the 130th Anniversary Program, Greenbrier Baptist Church
1781-1911: One Hundred and Thirtieth Anniversary, Old Greenbrier Baptist Church
"Oldest Greenbrier Church Loses Pastor"
"The Old Greenbrier Church"
Christian Panoply
Sources on the Wizard Clip
"Wizzard Clip"
"Alexander Campbell: A Brief Sketch of His Life and Public Career"
Alexander Campbell Immigrates to America (Time Trail)
Sources on Alexander Campbell
"A Brief History of the Disciples of Christ in West Virginia" by Terrance Hamm (West Virginia Historical Society Quarterly)
"The Makers of West Virginia" by C. H. Ambler (West Virginia History)
"Monsignor Quirk Dies at 92; Spent 53 Years in the County"
"In Loving Remembrance (Of Msgr. Thos. A. Quirk)"
Barnette v. Board of Education (Time Trail)
State Board of Education Resolution on Salute to the Flag
"Flag Salute Rule Voided" (Barnette v. Board of Education)

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