Foreman's Massacre

Maj. James Chew to Gen. Edward Hand
Fort Henry, October 3d. 1777

From Frontier Retreat on the Upper Ohio, 1779-1781, edited by Louise Phelps Kellogg (Madison: Wisconsin Historical Society, 1917), pp. 121-22 (1U106)

Dear General - It was out of my Power to Send you the Inclosed Account sooner as it was Difficult to find out who was Kill'd, in that Unfortunate Affair near the Narrows Agreeable to your Instructions, I Have made out the most Authentick Reports of that affair, as well as the Strength of the Garrison of Fort Henry, and tho they are imperfectly done, as to the Manner Yet I Hope they will Answer the End design'd. Youll find by the Report of the Garrison, that I Have made a note, to the Several Capts from Monnongalia, as those Gentlemen on Hearing of the Late Disaster near this place, March'd Immediately with what Men they Could Collect for fear others Might not Come Since my arrival Colo Shepard & myself Marchd & Buried those Unfortunate Men, in the late Action a Moving Sight. Twnety One Brave fellows, Cruelly Butcher'd, Even after Death.

This day, there was some fresh Tracks Di[s]covered about Two Miles from this Fort, every Method of Discovering of the Enemy shall be made use of thos the Monongalia Militia Will Return in about Ten or Twelve Day, As they were Raised only for the Intent of Burying the Dead, & not more than One Capt. One Lieut. & One Ensign of the said officers, Expects pay as Officers. If any News from the Eastward Please Let me Know by the Return of the Express, also when I am to Sett out With the Boats &c I am Sir With the Greatest Respect Your most Obt. Hble Sert

James Chew

Revolutionary War