1777 Attack on Fort Henry

Maj. David McClure to Gen. Edward Hand
Catfish Camp 8th September 1777

From Frontier Retreat on the Upper Ohio, 1779-1781, edited by Louise Phelps Kellogg (Madison: Wisconsin Historical Society, 1917), pp. 76-77 (1U93)

Sir - The Inhabitants of whelan [Wheeling] are under Such Distress that the[y] are in hopes your Excellency will take them under your Consideration and Send them a party of Horses and men to Bring them into the Inhabitants as the have in Generall Lost all their Horses and Cannott Come in off themselves. Colo. Shepherd sent orders to Alexr. Douglass to bring down his Brigade of Horses to Assist the Inhabitants to Come in but sd. Douglass having recd. orders from Colo. Steel to Cross the mountain for Provision Could not obey Colo. Shepherds Orders. and Provisions is so Scarce at whelan that unless the Inhabitants are brought away the Provisions Cannott Last but a few days as the are obliged to Draw from the Publick Stores & Last Friday there was but Seven Casks of Flower in the Store & Colo. Shepherd was affraid that unless your Excellency would order both men & Provisions down Immediatly he would be Obliged to evacuate the Garrison. I hope your Excellency will take those things under your Consideration & send them Immediate Assistance which will oblige your most humble Servt

David McClure

P. S. I wrote the above by order of Colo. David Shepherd he gave me the orders when I Left the Garrison Last Friday evening.

I believe Capt. James Wright Could Immediatly raise a party of men to Escort the Inhabitants if he Could get your Excellencys orders for it.

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