1777 Attack on Fort Henry

Col. David Shepherd to Gen. Edward Hand
Fort Henry, August the 22d 1777

From Frontier Retreat on the Upper Ohio, 1779-1781, edited by Louise Phelps Kellogg (Madison: Wisconsin Historical Society, 1917), pp. 46-48 (1U85)

Sir - In obedience to your order I have Caled in all the men to this place that is under pay and have Removed my famely Likewise, but there Seems a Great Confusion in the County Concerning it. I have ordered Capt Ogle to keep up a Scout Between this fort and the Beach Bottom Likewise Capt Mason to send a party to Scout Betwen this and Grave Creek and Shall order Such Scouts and Spies over the River as our Strength will admit of, Captains Shannon, Leach and Marchant Arived here on the 20th Inst and Seems Very well Behaved and Oblidging our Captons is making up their Companeys as fast as posible. But the Men Complains Greatly that they are not paid of as they want the money for their former Service to aquip them for a Campain it would be well if this Could be Done and a pay Master Sent Down or some way ordred that the Men are paid But I make no Doubt But we Shall Get the Men Required of our County as they are Recruiting fast Col Morgan has not yet arived here Neither have we heard from him we are Repairing the fort as fast as posible and Shall Soon have it Indian proof Except they Scale the Stockades the Indians has Been with [us] Once Since I Saw you they Crossed the River in the Night near the mouth of Buffelow Creek when Capt Ogle with a party of his men followed their tracks next morning and over took them they Changed Several Shot but none kiled or Cripled on Either Side. our People Got Eleven Blankets and plunder that Sold for 24 Pounds the Indians made their Escape a Cross the River the next night by the plunder got it is thought that they was a party that had been at for Pitt I am Sir with Respect Yr Humble Servt

David Shepherd

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