1777 Attack on Fort Henry

Col. David Shepherd to Gen. Edward Hand
Fort Henry [Augt.] 28th 1777

From Frontier Retreat on the Upper Ohio, 1779-1781, edited by Louise Phelps Kellogg (Madison: Wisconsin Historical Society, 1917), pp. 50-51 (1U87)

Sir - we have not seen any signs of the Indians since I wrote to you Last and we keep out Scouts and Spies Every Day. Col Morgan has not ar[i]ved here from the Monongahale County nor Aney Men from that County neither Do we hear from him Capt Shannons men was Seemed unesy to go home and as I saw no apperance of the Indians I Let them go they Behaveed them Selves very well During their Stay, we have got the fort in Some Better posture of Defence than it was Before, I ordred the men from the Beach Bottom But the Inhabetants would not Remove I therefore ordred that party to Keep up a Scout on the other Side of the River So as to Cover the Inhabitants as wel as possible. I Shall Come to fort pit in a few Days if Nothing happens. Sir I am with Respect ur Huml. Servt.

David Shepherd

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