Foreman's Massacre

Col. David Shepherd to Gen. Edward Hand
Fort Henry, October 3d. 1777

From Frontier Retreat on the Upper Ohio, 1779-1781, edited by Louise Phelps Kellogg (Madison: Wisconsin Historical Society, 1917), pp. 120-21 (4ZZ11)

Dear General - Your timely Releif by Majr. Chew, was very Exceptable as we Could not Bury the Dead before he Came. The party, that went on the late Unfortunate Excursion, went not at my Request or Order, but from Motives of their Own, as they were tird of being Cooped up in the Fort Idle, & Purposed the Same Several Times before I would at any rate Consent. Indeed, I myself thought their party was Sufficient for any Scouting party of Indians they might fall in with as it was hardly to be Supposed, that Forty Six of our best Riffle Men well Equipt Should be Over power[ed] by Numbers of Indians from the Known Manner of their Sending Small parties to Annoy the Settlements

I Hope Majr. Chew has made a Sattisfactory Report to you of Action as well as of the Strength of the Garrison, I am Sure Notwithstanding our Repeated loss's that we Shall nearly Make Up our Quotoe for the Expedition, tho the Situation & Danger of Leaving their famileys Prevent their going to the Stations, Yet Upon the Officers Receiving Marching Orders for Joining the Main Bodyes their Quotoes will be immideately Compleat.

The Friends of those Unfortunate Men that have been Kill'd in these Two Attacks, have Request me to Apply to you to Know Whither they will be paid for the Gunns & Blanketts lost, in those Engagements, as they Were mostly taken from Others by Consent and appraised. I refer you to Majr. Chews letter for what has happend Since his Arrival and am Sir with the Greatest Respect Your Most Obt. Hble Sert.

David Shepherd

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