Foreman's Massacre

Capt. John Van Metre to Col. Edward Cook
Beech Bottom Ohio Sept 28 1777

From Frontier Retreat on the Upper Ohio, 1779-1781, edited by Louise Phelps Kellogg (Madison: Wisconsin Historical Society, 1917), pp. 110-111 (6ZZ10)

Sir - I am sorry that I have the following Account to give you that is on the 27th of this Instant Capt Linn with Nine Men Capt William Forman with 24 Cap Joseph Ogle from this Place with 10 Men Went Down to Grave Creek to Make what Discovery they could make when Come there found grave Creek Fort a[ll] Consumed to Ashes, the Corn Cut up and Tottely Destro[yed] and on their Return to Weling [Wheeling] About Eight Miles Below weling was Actacted By A learg Number of Indeans the kild and wounded in unknown Any ferder than Sixteen that hath Came Inn and Fore of them wounded sir I Request the Favour of you to have another Company in Readiness and at this Place Against my Time is up for I think there will be Great Nescesaty for them here for the Times seemes to be now Dangerous and More so hereafter otherwise I Expect I shall have to Guard the People of this Place away from here for it is Imposable for them to stay for the Garrison will be left Disolate sir I am yours to serve

John Vanmatre

N. B. Sir In case Another Company should come send with them A sufficent quantity of Flower to support them for it Appeairs that they Cannot be supported with Flower here the times is so Difficult that People that has wheat Cannot Thrush it Neither Can Git it ground As for Beef or Pork there is Plenty to be had Convenient also send asufficient Quantity of salt and Amnition for it is not to be had here any your Compliance will Amiably oblige the People In General sir I am

J. V.

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