Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
March 2, 1861

Wheeling Daily Intelligencer
March 4, 1861

CITY COUNCIL - INVITATION TO THE HON. JOHN J. CRITTENDEN - A meeting of the City Council was held on Saturday evening. Mayor Sweeney stated that the object of the meeting was to officially extend to the Hon. John J. Crittenden the hospitalities of the city, on his return homeward from Washington.

Dr. Logan submitted a preamble and resolutions, expressing a high regard for the patriotism and statesmanship of Mr. Crittenden, inviting him to partake of the hospitalities of the city, and appointing the Mayor and six members to receive him. Unanimously adopted.

The Mayor appointed the following committee: Dr. T. H. Logan; Geo. E. Wiickham [sic]; S. Brady; J. E. Bier; N. Wilkinson; Thos. J. Blair.

If the invitation be accepted, a meeting of citizens will be called and further arrangements made.

Wheeling Daily Intelligencer
March 5, 1861


The following are the resolutions offered by Dr. Logan in the City Council, on Saturday night, and adopted:

WHEREAS, The Hon. John J. Crittenden is about to withdraw from the National Counsils [sic], after a career of public services extending over a period of nearly half a century, and whereas, we, the members of the Council of the city of Wheeling, and representing its citizens, wish to express the sentiment of respect and veneration which we cherish for the eloquent patriot and statesman who has so long and so steadfastly evinced his attachment to the principles of our government, therefore,

Resolved, That we hereby convey to the Hon. John J. Crittenden our earnest appreciation of the enlarged and comprehensive statesmanship of which he has been and now is the distinguished exponent.

Resolved, That in the purity of his life, in his unflinching devotion to his convictions of right and of duty under the most trying circumstances, and in his intimate relations to the Patriots and Statesmen of the past, he has endeared himself to our hearts and has given his name an endearing place in the affections of the American people.

Resolved, That we extend to Mr. Crittenden an invitation to visitt [sic] our city, at his earliest convenience and partake of its hospitalities.

Resolved, That the Mayor and one member of the Council from each Ward be appointed a committee and to furnish him with a copy of these resolutions.

Wheeling Daily Intelligencer
March 22, 1861

LETTER FROM HON. JOHN J. CRITTENDEN - HE WILL VISIT WHEELING, BUT NOT AT PRESENT - The Committee appointed by the City Council to invite the Hon. John J. Crittenden to partake of the hospitalities of this city, yesterday received the following letter:


Gentlemen: - I had the honor to receive your letter of the 4th inst., with the resolutions of the City Council of Wheeling, so full of kindness and honor to me.

Be assured that I am most grateful for these testimonies of your approval and appreciation.

I accept the invitation of your city to visit it and partake of its hospitalities, but circumstances will so hasten my return from this place to Kentucky that I cannot do it now, on my way home, nor can I now designate a day when I can be in Wheeling. But in the course of the ensuing spring or summer I will endeavor to have that pleasure.

Be pleased, gentlemen, to communicate to your City Council this letter, as some small expression of my deep sense of obligation to them and to you for the great honor that they and you have conferred upon me.

I am most Respectfully Yours,

Messrs. A. J. Sweeney; T. H. Logan; G. E. Wickham; S. Brady; J. R. Bier; N. Wilkinson and T. J. Blair, Committee.

Mr. Crittenden came up on Tuesday, and crossed the river at Benwood, en route for Kentucky.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: March 1861

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