Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
March 25, 1861

Wheeling Daily Intelligencer
March 29, 1861

Democratic Meeting in Monongalia - A Douglas Convention Called in Wheeling on the 19th of April Next.

From the Morgantown Star.

A meeting of the National Democracy of Monongalia was held at the Court House on Monday, the 25th inst. To take some action in relation to the question of electing a suitable person to represent the district in the Congress of the Union States, when, on motion, Jesse Mercer, Esq. , was called to the Chair, and J. V. Boughner appointed Secretary.

On further motion, the following resolutions were adopted:

Resolved, That the present exigencies of the country render it imperative to maintain, intact, the organization of the National Democracy in Virginia - that sectionalism, North and South, is the poisonous Upas, from which all the evils that now unhappily afflict and threaten the liberties of the country, have their origin.

Resolved, That the National Democracy, clinging as it does to the time-honored doctrines and usages of the party, is the only bulwark to stay and repel the mad, treasonable, and fatal march of secession in Virginia, that but for its interposition in the late Presidential election, Virginia today would have been loosened from her moorings, and floundering without compass or rudder in the broad sea of rebellion - with her banner of secession flaunting in the breeze.

Resolved, That we deem it our duty to organize in view of the approaching election for a representative for the next Congress, and would respectfully suggest to the Democracy of the district that delegates be appointed in the several counties in the district to meet in Convention in the city of Wheeling, on Friday, the 19th day of April next, for the purpose of nominating a suitable person for Congress.

Resolved, That an adjourned meeting be held at the Court House, in Morgantown, on Monday next (April 1st), to select suitable Delegates to represent the National Democratic Party of Monongalia in the proposed Convention.

J. V. Boughner, Sec'y.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: March 1861

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