Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
April 8, 1861

Kanawha Valley Star
April 23, 1861

Meeting in Jackson County

At a large and respectable meeting of the Southern States Rights Men of Jackson county, held at Jackson C. H. on the 8th day of April, 1861:

Miles Jacoby, Esq. was appointed chairman, and E. B. Wright and O. L. C. Hinesman were appointed Secretaries. Geo. N. Fitzhugh, Esq., being called upon, then explained the object of the meeting in a few brief and pointed remarks. O. L. C. Hinesman then addressed the meeting in regard to its object, as well as in regard to the meeting of the Submissionists held to-day. F. P. Turner, Esq. was then called upon, and delivered some spirited remarks in regard to the present crisis, and also the action of the present State Convention now sitting at Richmond, which were received with great applause.

O. L. C. Hinesman then offered the following preamble and resolutions, which were unanimously adopted:

Whereas a meeting was held on this day calling itself a "Union Meeting;" and whereas said meeting, composed of a few Submissionists, passed certain resolutions favoring submission:

Resolved, That this meeting, composed of none but Southern States Rights Men, declares that the action of the so called "Union Meeting" is a political swindle, and that the few individuals composing that meeting had no right to dictate to the people of Jackson county.

And whereas ample time has been given to the Northern States in which to restore to the South her rights, and that all honorable means have been exhausted by the Southern States, in arduously attempting to rescue themselves from the wrongs, injuries, and oppressions which have been imposed upon the South by Northern fanatics.

Therefore, furthermore
Resolved, That our delegate in the Convention be instructed to vote for any Ordinance which dissolves the ties heretofore existing between Virginia and the late United States.

Resolved, That we approve of the course our delegate has followed in the Convention, and that we offer him our sincere thanks.

Three cheers were then given for Jef. Davis, President of the Confederate States, and nine groans for old Abe Lincoln and his partisans.

On motion,
Resolved, That the proceedings of this meeting be published in the Virginia Chronicle, Kanawha Valley Star, Richmond Enquirer and Examiner, and that a copy be presented to our delegate in Convention.

On motion the meeting adjourned.

Miles Jacoby, Chn.
E. B. Wright, O. L. C. Hinesman, Sec'ys.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: April 1861

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