Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
April 29, 1861

Richmond Enquirer
May 15, 1861

Public Meeting in Braxton County

At a meeting of a large portion of the people of Braxton, held at the Court House, on the 29th April, 1861, on motion, Col. John S. Camden was called to the office of Chair, and L. D. Haymond was appointed Secretary; and after being thus organized, Col Jonathan Koiner explained that the object of the meeting was to give an expression from the people of Braxton upon the condition of Virginia and the nation; and he thereupon offered the following resolutions, which, after being intelligently read were adopted by an enthusiastic unanimous -----

Whereas, the present Republican -----------------------------has, by usurpation, involved our once --------------in civil war, by seeking to coerced the -------------------------into submission to its unjust and un-----------------------which are, as we believe an invasion-------------------------diabolical destruction of our people-------------------sion of our cherished institutions; therefore,

1. Resolved, That we hereby declare it to be our fixed determination to resist to the last any and all efforts; being now made or hereafter to be made by the Republican Administration, having for their object the subjugation of the Southern States.

2. Resolved, That we cordially approve the action of our State Convention, resuming for the State her sovereignty.

3. Resolved, That we are unalterably opposed to any division, or attempt at division, of the State of Virginia.

4. Resolved, That our undivided allegiance is due to our beloved Commonwealth of Virginia, and to no other Government, and that in support of her sovereignty and just institutions, we pledge to her, our lives and our fortunes.

5. Resolved, That we approve the action of our representative, Col. B. W. Byrne, in the Convention so far as he explained his course to us in his address on Saturday night.

6. Resolved, That the Richmond Whig, Richmond Enquirer, and Weston papers are requested to publish the proceedings of this meeting, with a request for publication in all the papers of the Commonwealth.

JOHN S. CAMDEN, Chairman.
L. D. HAYMOND, Secretary

*This newspaper was torn and a section of the print was missing as indicated by the spaces below.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: April 1861

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