Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
June 1, 1861

Wheeling Intelligencer
June 6, 1861

Union Meeting in Wood County, Va.

A mass meeting of the voters of the Ogden Precinct was held on the 1st inst., on the farm of Wm. Hunter, Esq. The object of the meeting was stated by Col. S. M. Peterson, after which the following gentlemen were selected as delegates to the county convention, to be convened in Parkersburg, on next Saturday, to appoint delegates to the Wheeling convention: Wm. E. Stevenson, A. R. Rolston and Enoch Walker, Esqs.

Esq., and adopted by acclamation, and ordered to be published:

Resolved, That the delegates elected to represent the Ogden Precinct in the county convention, to be held in Parkersburg on the eighth inst., to appoint delegates to represent Wood county in the Convention to be convened at the city of Wheeling on the 11th inst., be instructed to vote for delegates in such manner as will apportion, as nearly as possible, a representation to each section of the county; and also to vote for no person as delegate to said Convention, who will not unreservedly pledge himself to sustain the United States government in its efforts to put down rebellion; and to resist with all his power, to the last extremity, the treasonable and suicidal policy that would drag the Northwestern portion of our State out of the Union, and attach it to States now in open hostility against the government.

Resolved, That we recommend to the Convention, which is to assemble in Parkersburg on the 8th of this month, to take such action, by the appointment of vigilance committees, to be composed of reliable and active Union men, in each voting precinct, or by such other mode as the convention may deem advisable, to secure a thorough and effective organization of the Union men in the county.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: June 1861

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