Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
June 10, 1861

Richmond Enquirer
June 18, 1861

The Volunteer Spirit in Greenbrier.

To the Editors of the Enquirer:

Lewisburg, Va, June 11, 1861

Messrs. Editors: It really seems now that the whole State and South are aroused to a full sense of their duty in the matter of this war for sacred rights. I have another pleasing duty to perform in relating to your readers the promptness with which our old beloved Greenbrier has responded to the call for volunteers. Yesterday a portion of our county assembled for drill. The lists were opened for volunteers, and in less than six hours 150 names were enrolled, forming themselves into two companies. The will be ready to march in one week's time, or less. I cannot but feel justly proud of our country, and must take this occasion to recapitulate our forces:to let the State see our anxiety to be freed from the yoke of the Northern despot, who presumes to set aside and disregard that law and refuge for freemen which Kings dare not think of . First:Greenbrier Rifles, Capt. Dennis, now at Harper's Ferry; 2nd:Meadow Rifles, Capt. Brown, at Harper's Ferry ;3rd -Greenbrier Cavalry, Capt. Moomau at Beverly; 4th -White Sulphur Rangers, Capt. Smith, at Beverly; 5th:Captain Davis' Company , now here uniforming; 6th -Captain Taylor's Frankfort Rifles; 7th and 8th -the companies formed yesterday as yet nameless, and our 9th will be a company in the north of our county, for forming. The full strength of our companies combined is six hundred and fifty men.

If there are counties down East that out-number us in soldiers, (taking into consideration the number of inhabitants) let them present themselves, and we will acknowledge them.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: June 1861

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