Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
August 10, 1861

Wheeling Intelligencer
August 14, 1861

Disarming Secessionists.

Sistersville, Aug. 12, 1861.

Editors Intelligencer:--On Saturday last we were highly gratified by the arrival, in our town of Messrs. A. Charlon [sic], Robt. C. Purdy and Sam. M. Wykert, who were sent by our re[s]pected Governor (Peirpoint) to disarm the secessionists. They immediately proceeded to their duties, assisted by a squad of Capt. Valentine Smith's company. In almost all cases they met w determined opposition, but fulfilled their onerous duties in a very gentlemanly but determined manner.

About 4 o'clock on Saturday, Capt. A. Charlton, with his men, took passage on the steamer Albremarle [sic] for St. Mary's, and were reinforced both at Cochransville and Matamoras by portions of two companies formed at those places. They proceeded to Broases, where they instituted a vigorous search, but without success, as their runners had already informed them of the coming of our force. The whole pestilent band of traitors in this Bottom openly reviled the new Government at Wheeling, as well as the Government of the United States, and openly avowed their damnable principles, declaring that they had voted for the ordinance, and would again, and when asked for arms, said they had none but if they had, they would give the party the benefit of their contents.:All their abuse was received by the party in a spirit of forbearance, as their orders were to avoid any difficulty. There was a quantity of arms taken, which will be taken to wheeling to-day per steamer Albemarle, and deposited with the Governor.

The thanks of this whole community are due to Capt. A. Charlton, R. C. Purdy and S. M. Wykert, for their uniform kindness and courtesy while executing their unpleasant and onerous duties.

A Spectator.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: August 1861

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