Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
October 1861

October 1

October 2

October 3
A Union force under General Joseph J. Reynolds attacked the Confederate Camp Bartow in Pocahontas County in the Battle of Greenbrier River, but were repulsed.

October 4

October 5
Ladies of Bell District, Ohio County, formed a knitting association for the purpose of providing stockings and mittens for the soldiers of western Virginia.

A parade of a company of patrols commanded by Captain P. G. West was held in Wetzel County.

Gen. Henry R. Jackson issued a congratulatory message to the Army of Northwestern Virginia on their conduct during the Battle of Greenbrier River.

October 6
Confederates discovered that the Union army had withdrawn from Big Sewell Mountain.

October 7
Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson, a native of western Virginia, was promoted to major general in the Confederate army.

October 8
Secessionist supporters killed a man named Sharp, a member of Captain Henry Nay's Home Guard Company, near Worthington in Marion County.

October 9
Solomon Parsons, who had served as a delegate to the Second Wheeling Convention, wrote to Senator John S. Carlile, describing lawlessness and harsh conditions for Union men in Tucker County, and asked that a company of Federal soldiers be sent to the area.

October 10
A meeting of Union citizens from the upper end of Marshall County was held at Wood Hill.

October 11

October 12
A meeting was held in Triadelphia to nominate delegates to the constitutional convention.

October 13
500 soldiers of Piatt's Zouaves (34th Ohio) occupied Winfield.

October 14

October 15
The Wheeling City Council passed an ordinance forbidding the sale of alcoholic beverages to soldiers.

October 16
Thomas Heaton, special agent for the Treasury Department, issued directions to Thomas Hornbrook, Surveyor of Customs in Wheeling, concerning the shipment of goods during wartime.

A skirmish between Union and Confederate troops took place near Harpers Ferry.

October 17
Colonel J. V. Guthrie, commanding officer at Charleston, issued a proclamation urging citizens to organize municipal government.

October 18
A Confederate force attacked Elizabeth in Wirt County, but was repulsed by a Captain Hill, aided by local Home Guards.

October 19
Two companies of the Fifth [West] Virginia attacked a Confederate force on Big Sandy River.

October 20

October 21
A detachment of Federal cavalry launched an expedition from Camp Weston to Kincheloe Creek to arrest secessionists who were intimidating Union supporters in the area.

Union and Confederate troops clashed at the junction of the Miller's Ferry road and the Raleigh turnpike, three miles east of Fayetteville.

October 22
The Union military Department of Harpers Ferry and Cumberland was assigned to Brigadier General Benjamin F. Kelley of Wheeling, Ohio County.

October 23
A large Union force launched an expedition to Green Bank, where they seized cattle, horses and a few prisoners and forced the postmaster to turn over mail in the post office.

Troops under General William W. Loring passed through Lewisburg.

October 24
Voters in western Virginia approved the formation of the new state of Kanawha by a vote of 18,408-781.

A Confederate cavalry force attacked the steamer Mary Cook, which was transporting supplies from Camp Enyart to Union soldiers stationed at Gauley Bridge.

October 25

October 26
Union militia clashed with Confederate militia at South Branch Bridge, near Springfield in Hampshire County.

October 27

October 28
The 13th Indiana left Huttonsville and launched an expedition to relieve militia forces at Fort Pickens, and to quell Confederate supporters in Lewis, Upshur and Webster counties.

October 29

October 30
A Union force commanded by an apparently intoxicated Major Horace Bell was ambushed near Camp Bartow. A number of Union troops were killed or wounded.

October 31
The 13th Indiana skirmished with Confederate guerrillas and encamped on the farm of noted secessionist Watt (Walter) Cool, the first sheriff of Webster County.

Undated Events, October 1861

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood

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