Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
October 12, 1861

Wheeling Intelligencer
October 14, 1861

THE "MASS" MEETING AT TRIADELPHIA - There is no reason why the meeting at Triadelphia on Saturday should be called a mass meeting, except that it was held in the dining room of Mass' tavern. All of the people in attendance could have been put in a couple of omnibusses. The city turned out badly, and consequently, owing to the meagerness of the gathering, no delegates were nominated to the Convention as was expected.

Auditor Crane, of this city, made a speech, which we were too late to hear, but which we understood was a masterly argument in favor of the new State, and an eloquent appeal for the cause of the government.

Prof. A. F. Ross was called upon and made a brief speech. He said if this unholy rebellion was not crushed, the institutions under which we have lived and prospered, and the cause of free government all over the world, were lost and ruined. - Our forefathers, only three millions strong, sustained themselves and triumphed over a nation upon whose power the sun never sets. Are we so craven, have we not the manhood, twenty-three millions of us, with all the money of the country, all the materials of war, and all the prestige of government upon our side, to conquer five millions. If we cannot, if we do not speedily, what does it argue for a generation, to which such a priceless legacy has been bequeathed.

Prof. Ross announced himself in favor of the new State. He said the interests and the tone of sentiment of Eastern and Western Virginia were so entirely adverse that they could not live prosperously together. The people of Western Virginia want to be aroused. No act would have such telling effect in bringing the people to a determination to prosecute this war vigorously, as a separation from Eastern Virginia. When that is done, we will have taken a position from which there will be no backing out. We will have something to hope for, something to rally around, something by which to enthuse the people.

When Prof. Ross concluded the meeting adjourned.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: October 1861

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