Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
November 7, 1861

Wheeling Intelligencer
November 8, 1861

Presentation of Colors to the First Virginia Regiment.:The First Virginia Regiment having been ordered to Romney, it was decided to present them with the Regimental and National colors recently brought on from Philadelphia.:The six companies of the regiment now here, (four companies are at Romney,) marched over from Camp Carlile, and proceeding to the Government store-rooms were provided with the new guns which have recently arrived. They then marched to the McLure House, where Gov. Peirpoint presented the colors. The Governor presented the Regimental flag first, expressing a full confidence that wherever it floated the brave hearts composing the regiment would be found rallying beneath its folds.

His Excellency then raised the National colors amidst prolonged and enthusiastic cheers. He said that when these stars and stripes are stricken down, free government is gone forever. He urged the men to carry the flag before them, and whenever your find a man opposing it let him feel the steel of your saber bayonets and the leaden bullets in your rifles' breeches, although it may be brother fighting against brother.

Col. Thoburn received the banner, and after regretting that the whole Regiment was not present to participate in the interesting ceremony, said the Regiment would go forth with full faith in their cause and an unalterable determination to advance with and defend the beautiful emblem of their country's power and glory. But "he that girdeth the armor on cannot boast as he that putteth it off." The Colonel spoke only a few earnest words, and was loudly cheered. The fine Regimental Band was present and played several National airs from the balcony of the house. After the presentation the soldiers marched back to Camp Carlile. Five of the companies leave this morning for Romney, in charge of Col. Thoburn.

The banners presented to the Regiment are of the finest silk and of the most elegant and gorgeous description.

The guns delivered to the men are the best and newest in possession of the Government and the boys were delighted with them.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: November 1861

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