Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
November 29, 1861

Gallipolis Journal
December 19, 1861

For the Gallipolis Journal.

Head Quarters, 4th Reg't, Va. Vol.
Pt. Pleasant, Va., Nov. 29, '61.

At a meeting of the officers of the 4th Regiment Va. Volunteers U. S. A., on motion, Col. J. A. J. Lightburn was called to the chair, and Capt. J. L. Vance appointed Secretary.

Col. Lightburn explained the object of the meeting to be, to return thanks to the American Tract Society and American Bible Society, for a supply of Books sent by said societies to the soldiers of this Command.

On motion, the chairman appointed the following committee to draft Resolutions to wit: Major Hall, Captain J. L. Vance, Captain Storey, Captain Rockhill, and Captain A. Vance.

The committee reported the following, which on return, were unanimously adopted:

WHEREAS, the American Bible Society has made a generous donation of five hundred copies of the New Testament, and two hundred copies of the Book of Proverbs to this Regiment, and

WHEREAS, The American Tract Society has with the like liberal spirit donated its soldiers camp and Pocket Libraries, and

WHEREAS, we are deeply convinced that the blessing of God upon the cause for which we are fighting, can only be looked for while as a people we reverance His words and His truth, therefore

Resolved, That the hearty thanks of this Regiment are due, and are hereby tendered to the American Tract Society for their liberal and timely grants to this Regiment.

Resolved, That a copy of these proceedings signed by the President and Secretary, be forwarded to the American Bible Society, and the American Tract Society.

Resolved, That the Editors of the Gallipolis Journal, Gallipolis Dispatch, Athens Messenger, and Pomeroy Telegraph, be requested to publish these proceedings.

On motion, adjourned.

Col. J. A. J. Lightburn,

Capt. J. L. Vance, Secretary.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: November 1861

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