Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
March 12-14, 1862

Wheeling Intelligencer
March 19, 1862

[ "Western Virginia Conference of the M.E. Church."

From the Parkersburg Gazette]

The fifteenth annual session of the Western Va. Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church convened at Parkersburg, March 12, 1862.

The conference met at the M.E. Church at 9 o'clock, A.M., Bishop Scott in the chair. After religious services by the bishop, the Conference proceeded to its regular business.

On motion J.W. Reger, Samuel Steele and Francis Guthrie were appointed a committee on public worship.

The conference fixed 8 A.M. as the hour of opening, and 12 M. as the hour of adjourning.

The following committees were appointed, viz:

Board of Stewarts, G.W. Arnold, J.S. Clarke, J.S. Patterson, S.E. Steele, H. Stevens. Lay Steward for Parkersburg District, W.R. Kelley.
On Tracts - J. Hughes, F. Ball, A. Hall.
On Bibles - J.L. Clarke, A.A. Reger, W.C. Wilson.
On Temperance - F. Guthrie, D.C. Stuart. C. Conner.
On Post offices - D.H.K. Dix.
On Periodicals - J.B. Blackeney, W.A. Williams, J.M. Powell, G.J. Nixon, A.A. Reger.
On Missions - G. Battelle, J. Drummond, J.L. Irwin, J.W. Reger, T.H. Monroe.
On Education - Dr. Dougherty, Prof's Arthur and Martin.
On state of the church - G. Martin, R.A. Arthur, G.J. Nixon, J.L. Clark and W. Smith

The Bishop introduced Dr. Hitchcock, agent of the West. Book concern, Bro. Warren, of the Ohio Conference, and Bro. Warrener, Chaplain of the 1st. Conn. Cava'ry.

The exhibit of the West. Book concern and report of the Book Committee were read to Conference, also the report and exhibit of the N.Y. book concern.

The 7th question, general minutes, who are the superannuated preachers? was taken up and the relation of the following brethren continued. W.R. Corroll, J. Birkett, D.A. M'Ginnis, A. Dixon, J.B. West, A. Stevens, M. Tichenell, A.R. Cuslip.

Doxology sung, prayer by Dr. Drummond, and the Conference adjourned.


Conference met at 8 1/2 A.M., religious services by father Green.

The minutes were read and approved.

The Bishop introduced Rev's. Spahr, King and Moore of the Ohio Conference, S.H. Nesbitt, editor, Pittsburg Christian Advocate, and Dr. Howard, President, Ohio University.

2d question, general minutes, "Who remain on trial?" was taken up. E.W. Ryan, and W.D. Warman, were called, and being favorably reported as to standing and attainment were continued on trial.

4th question, general minutes, "Who are the deacons?" was taken up and the following brethren passed. E.S. Nicholson. Benjamin Darlington, Lor. D. Casto, J.B. Ford, J. Sandford, M.V.B. White, J.B. Pinchen.

On motion J.S. Corroll was granted a location at his own request.

Dr. Loomis, President of the Allegheny College was introduced.

The Brethren of the 2d year were called to the altar and duly instructed and admonished in the duties of the Christian ministry.

3d question, general minutes, "Who are admitted into full communion?" and the following brethren being favorably reported as to standing attainments were admitted into full connection and elected deacon's orders, Samuel Hitchins, Harvey Wallace, A.J. Lyon, T.M. Lesley.

5th question, general minutes, who have been elected and ordained elders this year? U. Pribble, D. Cool, Eug. Ford being favorably reported, as to standing and attainments were elected to Elder's orders.

Conference adjourned by signing the doxology and benediction by Bro Battelle.


Conference met at 8 1/2 A.M., religious services by Rev. P. Cook, Ohio Conference.

Minutes read and approved.

A communication of E.G. Day & Co. respecting the publication of a Conference paper was referred to the Committee on Education.

The pulpits of the Presbyterian and Baptist churches were kindly placed at the disposal of the Conference for the next Sabbath.

The Committee on the Tract cause made their report which was adopted.

On motion 10 o'clock, A.M. to-morrow was fixed as the time for making the vote on lay representation. Fairmont, Marion county was fixed as the place for holding our next annual session.

Committee on Temperance made their report which was adopted.

Conference adjourned singing the doxology, and benediction by Dr. Hitchcock.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: March 1862

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