Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
March 24, 1862

Point Pleasant Register
March 27, 1862

A Returned Traitor.

We learn, that the citizens of Putnam County were greatly excited on Monday, by the return of R.T. Harvey, the most loud mouthed and the meanest of all of the infamous pack of Secessionists who have disgraced the Kanawha Valley, from the rebel army.

Our informant states, that meetings have been called at the towns of Buffalo and Winfield, for the purpose of considering what disposition they would make of the returned traitor, but we have not been advised of what action was had in the promises. We suppose, however, that Harvey, like all such Secessionist who return, will manifest any amount of penitence for his past misdeeds, and the people, without any fixed or settled policy as to the manner of treatment towards such creatures, will forget all the outrages he has done them, and again receive him into their confidence and society.

The people of Mason County will consult their interest by providing for the reception of such men before they arrive. It was for this single object that the Union men of this county have been called to meet at the Courthouse on the first Monday of next April, and we hope to see one and all present, prepared to act like men, who have the nerve to do their whole duty to their families and their country.

Gallipolis Journal
April 3, 1862

Meeting In Putnam County, Va.

At a meeting of a portion of the Union men of Putnam county, held at their court house, on the 24th of March, (court day.)

On motion, B. P. Morris was called to the Chair, and James W. Mines requested to act as Secretary.

Dudley S. Montague stated the object of the meeting was to get some expression of the people in relation to the return of the rebel Robert T. Harvey.

On motion of George C. Bowyer the following persons were appointed a committee to draft resolutions expressive of the sense of this meeting, to-wit: D. S. Montague, A. W. Currey, John Bowyer, Joseph Swayne and A. S. Young, who reported the following preamble and resolutions, which were unanimously adopted:

Whereas, The arch traitor, Robert T. Harvey, regardless of the oath he had taken to support the Constitution of the United States, has used every means in his power to overthrow the same, by exciting our people to rebel against the Government under which they have lived peaceably and happily for over seventy years; and by inviting the rebel hordes to our peaceful valley, to murder our people and destroy our property, has returned to his home in this county, with a view of remaining, and only asks "to be let alone,"

Therefore, be it

Resolved, That we have no faith in any professions of repentance said Harvey may make, and believe our people would be better off, were he from amongst them.

Resolved, That the said Harvey be requested to take himself beyond the lines of the Federal army, instanter.

Resolved, That when we need his presence and council we will send for him.

Ordered that these proceedings be published in the Kanawha Republican, and Weekly Register, and that a copy be furnished to the traitor Robert T. Harvey.

B. P. Morris, Chairman.
James W. Mines, Sec'y.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: March 1862

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