Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
April 7, 1862

Point Pleasant Register
April 17, 1862

A large meeting of the citizens of Mairon[sic] and adjoining counties was held at Fairmont, on the 7th day of April, 1862, Court day(?), and on motion of Fontaine Smith, Esq., Col. Andrew Ice, Vice President, and E.B. Hall, Secretary. E.B. Hall, made some remarks expressive of the object of the meeting; and on motion the Chair appointed the following committee to report business for the meeting.

Fontaine Smith, J.T. Ben Gough, Wm. N. Hall, M.M. Randall, A.N. Prichard, Wm. M. Dunnington and Wm. N. Barns. The committee having returned the meeting was addressed by J. Marshall Hagans, of Morgantown, who was followed, briefly, by E.H. Hall, Esq.

The committee, then, through their chairman, reported the following resolution;

WHEREAS, By an act passed by the Legislature of Virginia, at Wheeling, an election has been ordered for Governor, Lieut. Governor, and Attorney General, on the fourth Thursday of May, next; Therefore be it.

Resolved, That loyal citizens of Marion county, without distinction of party, recognizing in his Excellency, F.H. Peirpoint, our present Executive, an able and efficient officer, and one who, amid the trying scenes by which he has been surrounded, has discharged the duties of his important trust with fidelity and universal ability, and as being one of the most prominent and efficient movers in the reorganization of the State Government, which resulted in the redemption of our beloved Commonwealth from anarchy and worse than despotism, we therefore earnestly request the use of his name as a candidate for that important and responsible office for the ensuing term

Resolved, That while we this put before the people for the responsible office of Governor of the State of Virginia our true and tried fellow citizen F.H. Peirpoint, we invite and solicit the concurrence of our fellow citizens of other counties of the State in our nomination and his re-election.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: April 1862

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