Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
May 1862

May 1
A company of the 23rd Ohio clashed with the Flat Top Copperheads at the battle of Clark's Hollow.

May 2
A soldier of the 4th (West) Virginia Regiment fell overboard and drowned in the Kanawha River.

May 3
Jefferson Davis proclaimed martial law in several Virginia counties, including McDowell and Wyoming.

May 4

May 5
The Mountain Department of the Union Army issued a request for proposals to supply beef to the brigade of Gen. J. D. Cox.

May 6
Gov. Pierpont gave a speech at the opening of the extra session of the legislature of the Restored Government of Virginia.

Pete Righter of Marion County, whose home had been destroyed in 1861, was brought to Wheeling and placed in the Athenaeum Prison.

Bushwhackers captured troops under Lt. Parrott and government stores at Arnoldsburg before moving on to Spencer.

May 7
A detachment of Union troops captured the town of Wardensville in Hardy County.

An attempt to rescue two rebels awaiting execution in Sutton failed.

May 8
Union troops at Franklin participated in the Battle of McDowell in the Shenandoah Valley.

Major Trimble retook Arnoldsburg and Spencer, and troops of the 9th (West) Virginia Infantry began a scout in Roane and Clay counties.

Confederate Col. John D. Imboden advertised for men to service in a regiment of partisan rangers to serve in the Military Department, west of the Blue Ridge.

May 9
A detachment of Federal soldiers clashed with secessionists near Chapmanville and took one prisoner.

A meeting of citizens in Lewis County passed resolutions supporting re-election of the governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general and critical of their representative.

May 10
Union and Confederate cavalry clashed near Lewisburg.

A small Union party was ambushed by bushwhackers at a house near Franklin.

Governor Francis Pierpont asks the legislature to repeal the law concerning slaves who commit capital offenses.

Gen. B. F. Kelley and troops arrived at Parkersburg before setting out to fight guerrillas in Calhoun and Wirt counties.

May 11
Gen. Kelley left Parkersburg with troops in search of guerrillas.

May 12
At a meeting of Lewis County citizens continued from May 9, resolutions were passed opposed to the return of secession leaders but accepting others who will support the constitution.

A company of the 11th (West) Virginia Infantry marched from Spencer to Burning Springs.

May 13
The Restored Government of virginia granted permission to separate from Virginia and form a new state.

Union General John Fremont and his command withdrew to Franklin following the May 8 battle of McDowell.

May 14
Gen. Kelley and troops skirmished with guerrillas near Burning Spring.

May 15
Companies from the 9th (West) Virginia Infantry scout returned to Spencer.

May 16
A Confederate force dislodged Union troops at Princeton.

A wagon with soldiers of the 6th (West) Virginia Regiment was attacked by guerrillas between Spencer and Ravenswood.

May 17
A battle was fought outside of Princeton at Pigeon's Roost in Mercer County between a Union regiment under Colonel Louis von Blessing called Piatt's Zouaves and a Confederate regiment under Major Peter Otey.

A secessionist neighbor of Sherrard Clemens was arrested after uttering seditious language and shooting turkeys and chickens of Clemens.

Guerrillas Downs, Hayes, and Silcott came to Spencer under a flag of truce and arranged an 8-day cease fire with Col. Rathbone.

May 18

May 19
Guerrilla Dick Greathouse was arrested near Spencer.

May 20
Union troops killed a guerilla named Umbagh at Wardensville.

May 21
A violent wind storm forced a steamer carrying soldiers aground in Wheeling and also destroyed the German Lutheran Church, killing several children.

May 22
An election was held in Tucker County.

May 23
Union forces led by Colonel George Crook repelled an attack by Confederates under General Henry Heth at the battle of Lewisburg.

May 24
Union troops surprised a group of guerillas in Randolph County.

A Wellsburg resident was arrested for uttering treasonable and seditious language.

May 25

May 26
Gen. Rufus Saxton assumed command of Union forces at Harpers Ferry.

May 27
Union troops at Harpers Ferry occupy Bolivar Heights and Maryland Heights.

May 28
Union troops at Harpers Ferry shell Loudoun Heights across the Shenandoah River.

Union and Confederate troops skirmished near Falling Waters.

May 29
Willey presents formal petition for admission of West Virginia

At Harpers Ferry, Union troops withdraw from Bolivar Heights to a line of defense on Camp Hill.

May 30
A secessionist riding a stolen horse was arrested on Reedy Creek in Wirt County.

Union forces under Gen. Rufus Saxton successfully defend Harpers Ferry from Confederate troops under Gen. Stonewall Jackson.

May 31
Gen. Banks's advance troops, the 5th New York Cavalry, entered Martinsburg.

Undated Events, May 1862

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood

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