Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
July 1, 1862

Wellsburg Herald
July 11, 1862

Female Secessionists

A soldier friend writes us the following epistle, accompanying some secesh newspapers, and explains how he came by them:

Phillipi, Va., July 3d, 1862.

Mr. Editor:--I transmit to you five copies of rebel newspapers from which you may glean something worthy of publication. They were obtained under the following circumstances.

Mrs. Alpheus Haymond and Mrs. James Neeson, residents of Marion Co., Va., having been on a visit to Staunton, for the avowed purpose of seeing their husbands, arrived here on their return home, Tuesday the 1st of this month.

Some of the citizens knowing the ladies, made the fact of their arrival known to Capt. Reese, who having arrested them, instituted a search, but found nothing but newspapers upon them. He detained them, however, until he telegraphed to Gen. Kelly, who ordered them to be sent to Huttonsville, thence to be sent "away down in Dixie," with orders to remain there until the end of the war.

Capt. Reese also arrested two young women for trying to destroy our flag. When the facts became known to the men under his command, the utmost excitement prevailed, and for a time they were seemingly beyond control, but the Captain persuaded them that prudence was the better part of valor, and after announcing his intention of arresting the young women, they became somewhat pacified.

He has not yet decided what to do with them, but will make some disposal of them as soon as he gets a little leisure time.

I must close for the present. If anything occurs worthy of note you will hear from me again.

J. T. A.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: July 1862

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