Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
July 11, 1862

Wheeling Intelligencer
July 14, 1862

Soldiers' Aid Society.

At a meeting of the citizens, held for the purpose of organizing a society to relieve the suffering and wounded soldiers, Mr. John L. Hobbs was appointed Chairman and Samuel Laughlin Secretary.

The following Constitution was reported by the Committee on Organization and adopted:

Art. 1. This association shall be called the Soldiers' Aid Society of the City of Wheeling.

Art. 2. The object of this Society shall be to contribute to the relief of the sick, wounded and disabled soldiers of the Army of the United States.

Art. 3. All persons, male or female, contributing anything for the aid of the sick and wounded soldiers shall be considered members of this Society.

Art. 4. This Society shall be under the control of the following named officers: president, Vice President, secretary, Treasurer, and twenty-one Directors, all of whom shall constitute a Board of Control and shall be elected for the term of six months.

Art. 5. Any three members of this Board shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at a regular meeting of the same.

Art. 6. This Board of control shall be the recipients of all donations:shall control the distribution of the same, appoint committees to solicit subscriptions or donations and to do all things in or by which the objects of this Association shall be forwarded, as they shall deem proper from time to time; and they may appoint sub-committees from the Society at large to aid and assist them in the performance of their duty.

Art. 7. This Board of Control shall have the power to fill all vacancies which may occur either in the Board or committees.

Art. 8. This Constitution may be altered or amended at any time by a public meeting of the Society for that purpose.

The following officers were elected:

President, Chester D. Hubbard.
Vice President, G. W. Franzheim,
Secretary, Samuel Laughlin.
Treasurer, William Tallant,


Gov. Frank H. Peirpoint, .
Thos. Hornbrook, .
Arthur Little, .
S. Todd, .
R. V. Dodge, .
Joshua Bodley, .
Andrew Wilson, .
John Donion, .
Louis Keller, .
Robert Campbell, .
William Jordan.
R. W. McClellan, .
Andrew Glass, .
J. L. Hobbs, .
T. H. Logan, .
Robert Crangle, .
A. P. Woods, .
Geo. K. Wheat, .
H. K. List, .
Jacob Hornbrook, .
William Paxton.

On motion, the city papers were requested to publish these proceedings.

On motion, the Board were requested to meet at the Custom House on Saturday afternoon at 4 o'clock.

J. L. Hobbs, President.
Samuel Laughlin, Secretary

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: July 1862

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