Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
August 13, 1862

Point Pleasant Register
August 21, 1862


At a General Muster of the 106th Regiment of Virginia Militia, held at Point Pleasant, on the 13th day of Aug. 1862. The death of Major John T. Hall of the 4th Virginia Regiment U.S.V. being announced by Col. J.P.R.B. Smith. The following resolutions were read and unanimously adopted, as expressive of their feelings of this lamentable event.

Resolved, That we deeply deplore the loss of our gallant young friend, and in cherishing his many and patriotic virtues, we hereby pledge ourselves anew to make every effort in our power to promptly suppress this horrid rebellion which has caused this and similar sacrifices.

Resolved, That while he has been suddenly torn, in early manhood from his doting family and admiring friends; we have the satisfaction of knowing, that he lost his life in the discharge of his duty as a soldier and patriot.

Resolved, That while his untimely death is a public calamity and an unreparable[sic] loss to his bereaved family and afflicted friends, it is a source of great consolation that his chivalrie[sic] character and dauntless spirit will ever remain a rich legacy to us, his former comrades, which we now promise to emulate.

Resolved, That while the manner in which he fell elicits our unqualified admiration - that when a surrender to his traitor foe, was insolently demanded, he not only enjoined his comrades "never to surrender," but spurning himself the demand, died as he would have wished to die - in mortal combat with his country's foes - and his death shall be avenged.

Resolved, That our heartfelt sympathies are hereby tendered to the disconsolate parents of the lamented diseased.

Resolved, That we desire also to testify our appreciation of the faithfulness and heroism of the brave men who sacrificed their lives in the effort to rescue their intrepid young commander from the ruthless foe, -- we cherish their memories and offer our sincere condolence to their respective families and friends.

Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be forwarded to the Colonel of 4th Virginia Regiment, and published the Weekly Register and other loyal papers.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: August 1862

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