Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
August 14, 1862

Wheeling Intelligencer
August 16, 1862

Meeting at Grafton:The Feeling along the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad.

Grafton, August 14, 1862.

Editors Intelligencer:
It is most gratifying to witness the warm and enthusiastic manifestations of patriotism that are exhibited all along the route from Wheeling to this place. Every village, town and station along the road is alive with men busy recruiting for the army. There is no doubt in my mind but the full quota for both calls of the President can and will be filled in loyal West Virginia, provided volunteers will be accepted for nine months:and a very brief time is allowed for recruiting them. Take this county of Taylor example. Here quota for the first call was about 60 men. Two live Union men, Jacob Brister and Esq. Lewis Haymond, o9f this place, started recruiting in this neighborhood about three days ago, and this evening they report 90 men sworn into the service, and will have enough engaged to fill the company:110 men:by noon to-morrow. These men were all recruited on the north side of Tygart River. Esq. Haymond says that he is confident that another company of 110 men can be raised in ten days more time. The people everywhere seem alive to the importance of rallying to the support of the Government, and that it shall not fail for the want of men. There is now assembled upon the platform around the hotel a large and most enthusiastic meeting. Auditor Crane is addressing the people in his usual happy style, and the very best of feeling prevails. Yours respectfully,

Geo. W. N.

P. S.:At the close of the meeting three hearty cheers were given for the new State, and three groans for John S. Carlile.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: August 1862

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