Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
August 27, 1862

Point Pleasant Register
September 4, 1862


Headquarters Gauley, Bridge Va.,
August 28, 1862

Mr. Editor: If there is any such thing as a Point Pleasant paper, I would like to see it. I would freely give twenty-five cents for one copy of the Register every week. I hear of them occasionally, one package got to Gauley Bridge while I was at Meadow Bluff, but "nary" paper has ever come into my sight.

Yesterday, we had a big scare at Gauley, some bushwhackers fire at wounded one of our pickets on the Summerville road. The rebels about 200 in number crossed the road near Sommerville and captured two of our transportation teams, consisting of eight horses and three men, and took them off eastward. Several companies from the Ohio Regiments were sent in pursuit, but will not probably overtake them. It is nonsense for infantry to run after rebel cavalry. Our Regiment has went through a thorough purging of late, Lieut. Col. Starr, was taken from us at Sommerville - Col. Leonard Skinner has resigned, this leaves Maj. Ben Skinner in command Major Skinner is a worthy man, fully competent for his position, and should be promoted to Colonel. He is cool and deliberate, and has no mercy for a rebel; his is firm in his discipline, decisive in action, and above all, he is somber and honest, and in a fight he is a perfect tiger.

Capt. J.C. Wheeler, has resigned and gone home. The boys all feel very much encouraged to think Uncle Sam is going to work a plan to make every one help to do the work that so justly belongs to them. We begin to believe that we are going to do something. More anon.(?)

Yours, &c., NINTH.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: August 1862

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