Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
September 27, 1862

Wheeling Intelligencer
October 2, 1862

Address to the Ladies of Wheeling, who Lately Complimented the Soldiers on the Island with a Dinner.

On last Saturday the ladies of East Wheeling complimented the troops at Camp Willey with a bounteous dinner, some account of which has already appeared in our columns. On that occasion Capt. Utt, of the Monongalia Cavalry Company, returned thanks on behalf of his men, in the following handsome little address:

Ladies of Wheeling: - Your mission to us this day fills our hearts with the deepest emotion and gratitude. It calls forth fresh to our minds the loved ones to whom we so recently gave the parting hand, and clustering round our memories in the pleasing recollection of similar offers of kindness performed by them, thought under different circumstances. Let me assure you, ladies, that it is most gratifying to us to know and to feel that we are engaged in a cause that is just and righteous, but your presence and mission here to-day renders the conviction much more impressive and convincing, for we always feel doubly secure, when we know that innocence and virtue are in our favor.

Your visit here to-day, in connection with your benevolent mission, brings to our memories the patriotic zeal you have always manifested in every good and noble cause. In all ages of the world's history down to the present time, and nowehere in all the glorious and eventful history of your sex, have you exhibited more striking traits of noble character and love of country than during this present rebellion. Travel, if you please, with me this morning, upon the swift wings of memory, over the loyal portion of this great confederacy, and in your flight pause at the villages and towns along the way, visit each farm house and then enter into our great cities, and what would be the result of your discoveries? Would it not be here a father missing and there a husband and yonder a son or brother? Yes, they are gone - gone to the defense of their glorious country; and true to the patriotism of your sex, you have yielded to this great sacrifice without a murmur, and with a christian-like resignation, which entitles you to the highest and most lasting praise. Nor is this all. You have not only given up father, husband, son and brother, to be slain upon your country's altar, but you, with a patriotism beyond all praise entered nobly into the good work; exposing your persons to the dangers of camp and field has been no small portion of the burden you have borne in this unholy strife. If you will visit yonder battle-field or yonder hospital there you will find among the sick and the wounded, the dead and the dying, the mothers, wives and daughters of our land, relieving the wants, soothing and ministering to the sick and wounded, and whispering words of heavenly kindness into the ears of those, who are about to exchange worlds. - There they are to-day, ministering angels on missions of mercy.

Permit me now to tender to you in behalf of the company which I have the honor to represent, our deepest and most ______ and manifestation of sympathy ___ approval on your part of the cause in which we are engaged, and be assured, ____ we may never have the pleasure of meeting you again, yet your kindness shall always live green in our memories, and our humble prayer shall ever be for your welfare, peace and happiness, hoping and ardently wishing that you may all live to see peace and tranquility once more rest upon our glorious land, and that love of country, unity of sentiment, and unity of feeling may pervade each and every portion othereof.

Fellow soldiers a few brief words to you and I am done. This approving expression of the ladies of Wheeling in your behalf should be a memento in their remembrance you should ever cherish, it should nerve you to deeds of nobleness and valor, and should forever put to flight the idea of failure in our cause, for on the side of innocence, truth and virtue, there is no such thing as failure. Hoping that each and every one of you may live to see the glorious flag that so gently and gallantly waves in such beautiful majesty over your heads, in every breeze of heaven, restored to its original position, in every State of this once glorious Union, and that we may have but one Government, on Constitution and one People, is the ardent wish of him whom you have chosen as your commander.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: September 1862

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