Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
October 11, 1862

Point Pleasant Register
October 16, 1862


A letter was received in the city last evening stating that on Friday afternoon Col. Frost of the 11th Virginia infantry started Lieut. Lytle with 40 picked men towards Ravenswood and Saturday Morning the Colonel followed with twenty mounted men. - He reached Ravenswood, Jackson County, on Saturday night finding the town clear of rebels. Lytle had reached there about one hour before and finding no rebels pushed on towards Ripley Sunday Morning. The rebels had left Ripley and Lytle followed hard after them, capturing men and horses. Col. Frost told the rebels at Ravenswood that Loring's proclamation was a cheat and a delusion and that he could give them no protection. They were dreadfully alarmed. - Col. F. ascertained that the rebels were sending immense quantities of salt into Eastern Virginia. Lieut. Lytle was instructed to harass the enemy as much as possible, to seize their horses and follow them to Charleston. The rebels number about three hundred at Ripley, but they wouldn't meet Frost. Rebel officers were heard to remark that their stay in Kanawha would depend very much upon the success of their arms in Maryland, and it is Col. Frost's opinion that if pressed upon [illegible] they could easily be driven from the Kanawha Valley, --[Wheeling Intelligencer.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: October 1862

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