Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
October 24, 1862

Wheeling Intelligencer
October 29, 1862

Fiendish Attempt to Burn the Residence of Col. A. F. Ritchie of Mason [sic] County.

Fairmont, Va., Oct. 28, 1862.

Editors Intelligencer:
I have just learned that some of the sneaking, cowardly, God forsaken devils in this county, who claim an undying love for Jeff. Davis' Locofoco-free-trade-democratic Southern Confederacy, on last Friday night, made an attempt to burn up the residence of Col. A. F. Ritchie. The scoundrels managed to climb up to the gable end of the house and set fire to a window, the idea, no doubt, being to start the fire from the loft of the building and thereby create the impression on the minds of the people that the fire grew out of carelessness, or originated from some unknown cause. At any rate, it is quite evident that the vandal traitors intended to burn the house and the family in it, and they would perhaps have accomplished their purpose had it not been for the alarm raised by the dogs. Of course, no one knows the harmless vandals: but one thing is certain, and that is, that the people, I mean the loyal people, will make it a dear job for the secessionists in this county if ever they burn any Union man's property. I am a little like Parson Brownlow, I don't think there is anything will do the rebels but a regular orthodox hell, and I think they are beginning to want some of it in this county now, and the sooner they get it the better it will be for us all.

"Not a Press Democrat."

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: October 1862

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