Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
December 23, 1862

Wheeling Daily Intelligencer
December 30, 1862

The Election in Lewis County

Weston, Lewis Co., Va., Dec. 23.

Editors Intelligencer:

The election for "House of Delegates" to fill the vacancy occasioned by the resignation of G. J. Arnold, came off last Saturday. P. M. Hale, Esq., was elected, who is every inch a reliable Union man, and we are satisfied he will reflect the wishes of his constituents. Our county has been cursed with misrepresentation long enough. G. J. Arnold gave but few votes whilst representing Lewis county, that was approved of by the Union men. In resigning he has rendered entire satisfaction to them. Our Senator, B. Jackson, I am sorry to say from his vote refusing to request J. S. Carlile to resign, and voting against requesting Congress to admit the new State, has wholly misrepresented the Union men of Lewis county. The loyalists of this county feel that they have been deceived and cheated by their representatives.

The secessionists:in order to make a burlesque of our election on Saturday, as well as of the Wheeling Government:voted for Charles Post, a No. 1 coal miner, in opposition to P. M. Hale, our Union candidate. I will give you the names of those who voted for Charley, all of whom, with two or three exceptions, voted for the ordinance of secession in the spring of 1861. It shows how vindictive they are against everything that is in accordance with the United States government. Every man who voted for Charles Post is opposed to the new State. Here are their names:

Israel Simmons, Henry Rexford, Wm. J. Bailey, Pat. Collins, N. B. Bland, George Almond, Israel Ransburg, Samuel Steel, J. K. Bishop, P. McIntire, D. Hurst, Wm. D. Roach, John McGee, P. Barrett, G. C. Hevner, Levi Whitesell, L. G. Smith, Pat. Tiearney, Jo. Mathews, G. J. Arnold, John Ransburg, John Tulley, Thomas Molon, J. G. Packet, Andrew Rush, J. R. Hill, Thos. McNamar, J. M. Slush, T. R. Johnson, J. E. Hall, John Godfrey, Wm. Thompson, J. H. McCalley, W. A. Watson, J. M. Long, Jos. Hall, Isaac Carrol, Moses Traserville, Wm. G. T. Camp, M. V. B. Ransburg, Wm. B. Roach, W. C. Langford, C. Kester, V. Hurst, J. A. McLaughlin, Jacob Shoulders, J. J. Keith, J. Harris, Martin Fox, and Wm. Bennett.

We are of opinion that most of those who pressed the claims of Charley did not vote, but urged their secession brethren to come out and vote for him, whilst they were behind the curtain. The eye of the public is upon them. I see from a list of loyal men who are confined in prison at Saulsbury, North Carolina, the name of T. V. W. Meeks, a loyal citizen from this county, who, together with his team was captured near McDowell, Highland county, last April. I appeal to his Excellency, F. H. Pierpont, Governor and protector of loyal citizens of West Virginia, to cause some of the vilest secesh in this country to be arrested, as hostages for the safe return of Mr. Meeks to his home and friends.

The Union men are greatly elated at the prospect of the new State, and hope it will become a law. Everybody is for it except the secessionists. The owner of the greatest number of slaves in the county is for it.

All praise it its friends and advocates in Congress, and to you Messers. Editors, especially for your untiring exertions in its favor. We are all for his Excellency, F. H. Pierpont for our Governor for the State of West Virginia, in whom we have ever found a true and devoted friend to the cause of the Union.

Captain Larkin Pierpont, company E, 6th Virginia regiment, is Commanding Post here. He is the "right man in the right place," and has an A No. 1 company who are well drilled, disciplined and sober.

West Virginia.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: December 1862

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