Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
February 10, 1863

Wheeling Intelligencer
February 19, 1863

A New State Meeting in Wayne County.

Editors Intelligencer:

A meeting of the citizens of Wayne county, was held at the court room in Ceredo, on Thursday the 10th inst., to give expression to the sentiments and wishes of the people in regard to the adoption of the Constitution lately amended and approved by Congress, and which, if now ratified by the people will establish the new State of West Virginia.

After the meeting was called to order, John B. Bowen, Esq., was chosen chairman, and E. B. Webb, Secretary. B. D. McGinnis very clearly but briefly stated the object of the meeting, and at the close moved for the appointment of a committee to prepare resolutions for the consideration of the meeting. The committee consisted of B. D. McGinnis, Lieut. L. D. Ramsdell, Abie Segar, Esq., John Barbour, Esq., and Thomas Adams, who retired and soon after reported the following, which were adopted by a unanimous vote.

Resolved, That we believe that the division of the State of Virginia is one of the most important measures which our legislators have acted upon of late years, and that the establishment of a new State as proposed, will contribute to the interest and prosperity of every inhabitant of West Virginia.

Resolved, That we feel it to be our duty to use all our influence and all honorable means from now till the day of voting, to secure as large a vote as possible for the adoption of the Constitution framed by the Convention at Wheeling, and lately amended and approved by Congress, now in session.

Resolved, That though there may be an honest difference of opinion as to the time when the new State movement should have been initiated, now is emphatically the time for us to exert every effort to complete the work the Wheeling Convention commenced and Congress continued; and that now, if ever, is the time when we should throw off the yoke and burden which Eastern Virginia has so long imposed, in enormous taxation and unequal representation, is total disregard of our just rights and our claims to a fair proportion of the benefits of the public revenue.

Resolved, That our delegate to the Wheeling Convention W. W. Brumfield, Esq., be respectfully requested to use all his influence and labor to the best of his ability, to secure the success of the new Constitution and the organization of the government of West Virginia.

Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions and the proceedings of this meeting be forwarded to the Intelligencer and other papers in Western Virginia friendly to the cause, for publication.

John B. Bowen, Chairman.
C. B. Webb, Secretary.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: February 1863

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