Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
March 12, 1863

Wheeling Intelligencer
March 13, 1863

Return of an Old Acquaintance:Captain David Linn Again in Limbo.:Captain David Linn was brought into the city yesterday morning in charge of Sergeant Wm. K Lee. It will be recollected that Linn was taken prisoner not far from Romney, about eight months ago. He was brought here and committed to jail but was afterwards released upon parole, and returning to Cumberland remained there until exchanged. He then made his way into Dixie and raised a company which he says is now full. Latterly he has been serving with Pryor, but in consequence of the knowledge which he possessed of the country about Romney and New Creek he was recently transferred to Imboden's command. He was arrested on Tuesday at the house of James Johnson, on Patterson's Creek, by Sergeant Lee, under the following circumstances: Lee with two of his companions were riding by the house of Johnson and the stable door being open Lee saw a horse saddled with a McClellan saddle. As it was not very likely that one of our boys would venture so far away from home Lee concluded to ride up to Johnson's house and take a look at that gentleman's visitor. As he approached the house those within closed and barred the door, and refused to open it. Lee sent one of his comrades for a rail with which to force open the door, but before the man returned Linn came to the door and surrendered himself, and two other men who were in the house. Linn says that if he had not supposed the house to have been surrounded he would not have surrendered. The two men who were arrested with Linn had a number of baskets and bags filled with childrens' and ladies' shoes and other necessary articles which they had purchased at Cumberland and were smuggling through the lines. The contraband trade over this route is said to have been carried on extensively of late.

Linn refused to tall what he was doing at Johnson's house, and it is therefore inferred that he ventured down on a little private reconnoisance with a view of future successful operation.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: March 1863

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