Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
April 6, 1863

Wheeling Intelligencer
April 28, 1863

Meeting in Marion County.

Palatine, Marion Co., April 25.

Editors Intelligencer:

It is unaccountable to me why the proceedings of the meeting held at the Court House last court day, appointing delegates to Parkersburg, have never been published on your paper. I suppose they were not sent to you, and why the Secretary did not perform his duty I don't know. Marion county does not wish to be regarded as in any way behind the other counties.

The following are the proceedings cut from the National:

Pursuant to announcement in last week's National, a meeting was held in the Court House on Monday the 6th inst., for the purpose of choosing delegates to represent the county in the Parkersburg Convention.

On motion, Capt. John S. Smith was called to the chair and J. N. Boyd elected Secretary.

On motion of E. R. Hall, Esq., a committee of one person from each district was appointed by the chair to draft resolutions and nominate delegates. The chair appointed the following as such committee:

Ellery R. Hall, Esq., Leonard Lamb, Col. Moran, Wm. H. Barnes, Thos. Satterfield, Col. John Prichard and Jos. B. Nay.

While the committee was absent the meeting was addressed by Prof. White.

The Committee through the Chairman made the following report which was unanimously adopted:

Resolved, That the following persons be appointed delegates to represent the Union men of Marion county, in the Convention which meets at Parkersburg on the first Wednesday after the expiration of ten days after the date of the President's Proclamation admitting West Virginia into the Union.

District No. 1 - Leonard Lamb, Wm. N. Hall, Joseph S. Morris and Jesse J. Nixon.

District No. 2 - Isaac Courtney, Isaac Holman, Peter T. Barnes and William Swearingen.

District No. 3 - George W. Jolliff, Jacob Swisher, Col. R. Moran, and Nelson Merrifield.

District No. 4 - John S. Smith, Oliver Jackson, Joseph W. Cromwell, and Ellery R. Hall.

District No. 5 - William Conway, John Coogle, William Beaty, and Thos. P. Boggess.

District No. 6 - John Shinn, A. E. Nay, John Pritchard, and Wm. Fox.

District No. 7 - Robt. M. Carothers, Joseph B. Nay, David Cunningham and Joseph Hough.

Resolved, That all of said delegates be earnestly requested to see that each district be represented, as we deem it of the utmost importance that a full representation should be present.

Resolved, That our delegates be requested to confer with the delegates from Marshall and Wetzel counties and nominate two persons to represent as in the Senate; and with the delegates from Harrison and Barbour, and nominate a candidate for Judge of our Circuit Court.

Resolved, That the proceedings of this meeting be published in the National and in the Wheeling Intelligencer.

On motion, the Convention adjourned.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: April 1863

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