Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
April 11, 1863

Wheeling Intelligencer
April 15, 1863

Meeting in Monongalia County - Appointment of Delegates to the Parkersburg Convention.

Editors Intelligencer:

At a meeting of the citizens of Monongalia county, held at the Court House in Morgantown on Saturday the 11th of April, 1863, on motion, Amos S. Bowlby was appointed President, and Lewis S. Layton, Secretary.

Col. Henry Dering explained the object of the meeting to be for the appointment of delegates to the Unconditional Union Convention, to be held at Parkersburg, after the proclamation of the President, declaring West Virginia one of the United States, for the nomination of State officers.

On motion, the following committee was appointed by the President to nominate and report the names of 49 delegates seven from each district, to represent this county in said convention, viz:

Hon. W. T. Willey, Col. H. Dering, Col. R. Finnel, Jacob Newman, Doctor J. V. Bougher, Jesse Mercer, Esq., and Colonel James Evans.

The committee retired, and after sometime reported the following delegates. The report was unanimously adopted:

District No. 1. - Joseph Jolliff, Jacob Cartright, Thos. Tarleton, Joseph Grubb, Jr., Isaac Reed, Abraham Devault, and Moses Steel.

District No. 2. - Col. H. Dering, Alfred Yeager, Col. Jas. Evans, Gen. Lee Roy Kramer, E. C. Bunker, Esq., N. C. Vandevort and Capt. Wm. Lazier.

District No. 3 - James Hare, Jas T. McCloskay, Charles H. Burgess, E. W. St. Clair, Jacob Miller, J. N. Baker and John Hoard.

District No. 4. - John Lemley, Esq., Sam Hackney, A. S. Courtney, Fred. Furman, Col. R. Rinnel, S. S. Yeager, and A. S. Bowlby.

District No. 5. - Henry Potter, John B. Lough, Jesse Mercer, Dr. J. V. Boughner, John N. Waters, Wm. Foar, and William.

District No. 6. - Wm. Price, John Wildman, Andrew Brown, Lewis Lemly, Richard B. Tennant; John Sutton and Benjamin McCurdy.

District No. 7. - Phileman L. Rice, Wm. Kinney, Michael White, George Price, John Anderson, Wm. Parks and David Ammons.

Dr. J. V. Boughner offered the following resolution, which was adopted:

Resolved, If any of the foregoing delegates are unable to attend the said convention, that the remaining delegates of the district may have the power of substituting some other person in his or their place, who shall be duly accredited as a delegate from such district; to said convention.

On motion of Hon. W. T. Willey it was

Resolved, That this meeting deems it inexpedient to instruct the delegates appointed to said convention, further than that they support sound, unconditional Union men.

A motion was carried, that the Secretary of this meeting notify the delegates aforesaid, not in attendee at this meeting, of their appointment.

On motion, it was ordered that the proceedings of this meeting be published in the Morgantown Monitor, Fairmont National and Wheeling Intelligencer.

The meeting then adjourned.

A. S. Bowlby, President.
L. S. Layton, Sec'y.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: April 1863

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