Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
April 13, 1863

Wheeling Intelligencer
April 15, 1863

Appointment of Delegates from Preston to the Parkersburg Convention.

Editors intelligencer:

Previous notice having been given, a meeting of the citizens of Preston county was convened at the Court House of said county on Monday the 13th day of April 1863, (court day.)

On motion of Col. Chase Hooton, Samuel R. Trowbridge, Esq., was called upon to preside, assisted by John Howard, Esq., and John J. Brown was appointed Secretary.

On further motion of Col. Hooten, (after explaining the object of the meeting) the Chairman appoint a committee of five to name two gentlemen from each magisterial District in the county for the selection this county in the Parkersburg State Convention. The Chairman appointed under said resolution the following gentlemen on said committee, to wit: Col. Chas. Hooton, Chairman, and William B. Zinn, Samuel Boyer, Samuel E. Crane and Wm. H. Ravenscraft, Esqrs., who upon consultation submitted the following report which was unanimously adopted:

The Committee appointed to recommend to the meeting suitable persons to represent Preston county in the Parkersburg State Convention, to nominate State officers of West Virginia would beg leave to recommend that from each magisterial district of this county there be appointed two delegates.

And for the 1st District we recommend Harrison Hagans and Charles Kantner.

2d Dist. - Samuel E. Crane and Joseph N. Miller.

3d Dist. - William H. King and William H. Ravenscraft.

4th Dist. - James H. Shafer and James W. Brown.

5th Dist. - John J. Brown and William B. Zinn.

6th Dist. - Peter M. Hartley and Rawley Watson.

7th Dist. - John Howard and Clinton Johnson.

8th Dist. - Charles Hooton and William H. Brown.

On motion of Hon. Wm. G. Brown, Samuel R. Trowbridge, Esq., the venerable President of the meeting, was added to the list of Delegates.

James C. McGraw, Esq., submitted the following resolution, which was unanimously adopted:

Resolved, The our Delegates be instructed to support for State officers none but firm unconditional Union men, and ardent friends of the New State, and that care be taken to secure the services of our best men.

On motion of John A. Dille, Esq., the proceedings of this meeting be sent to the Wheeling Daily Intelligencer, Fairmont National and Morgantown Monitor, with the request that the same be published therein.

On motion the meeting adjourned sine die.

Samuel R. Trowbridge, Ch'n.
John J. Brown, Sec'y.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: April 1863

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