Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
April 22, 1863

Wheeling Intelligencer
May 2, 1863

Delegates to the Parkersburg Convention.

As a general meeting of the refugee citizens from Monroe, Greenbrier, Raleigh, Mercer and Wyoming counties, held in Charleston, April 22nd, for the purposes of sending delegates to the Parkersburg Convention, Wm. F. Chambers, of Monroe, was called to the chair, and A. Williams, of Greenbrier, made Secretary.

The following gentlemen were appointed to attend the convention as delegates:

For Monroe - Wm. F. Chambers, Lewis Crawford, Wm. E. Jones, B.F. Ballard and Lewis Ballard.

For Greenbrier - T.K. McCann, A.W. Mann, A. Williams and John Mylon.

For Mercer - Joseph Shropp and Thomas Little.

For Raleigh - Wm. Chambers, Jr., and Gaffin Storer.

For Wyoming - Chas. Stewart, James O. Holly, and ---- Whalley as an alternative.

The following resolutions were offered and unanimously adopted:

Resolved, that all party issues shall not enter into our actions until the war ceases and Union is restored - That the Union first, last and all the time is our motto.

Resolved, That if any of the delegates appointed by this meeting are unable to attend the Convention, that those who are present at the Convention are fully empowered to cast the vote of any of the counties named as though the delegates were appointed for said counties were present and cast it themselves.

Resolved, that the proceedings of this meeting be published in the Wheeling Intelligencer and Kanawha Republican.

A number of patriotic speeches were made, and on motion the meeting adjourned, wishing success to the state.

Wm. F. Chambers, Pres't.
A. Williams, Sec'y.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: April 1863

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