Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
June 6, 1863

Wheeling Intelligencer
June 9, 1863

The Militia Elections. - On Saturday last the members of the various militia companies composing the 4th and 5th regiments assembled at the Court House and elected their company officers. This second election was deemed necessary for the following reasons: There are three ways, provided in the code, by which company officers may be appointed. The members of the companies may recommend and the Governor may appoint. If the companies fail to recommend the county court may do so, and in the event of the failure of the county court to make the recommendations the commandants of the regiments may recommend certain persons to be appointed by the Governor. At the time the militia was organized the regiments had no Colonels. The field, staff and company officers were all appointed at the same time. The organization was speedily affected and the law was lost sight of. It was therefore deemed necessary to hold new elections that the organization might be legal and that a legal tribunal might be raised to try those who failed to respond to the call of the Governor during the late raid. Below will be found a list of the officers elected on Saturday.

Fourth Regiment.

Company A - Captain J. C. Vanfossen, 1st Lieut. J. W. Ward, 2d Lieut. Phillip V. Bare.

Company B - Captain John E. Wilson; 1st Lieut. Wm. F. Stifel, 2d Lieut. William Ellingham.

Company C - Captain Jacob A. Clement, 1st Lieut. William P. Holton, 2d Lieut. William Korner.

Company D - Captain J. N. Vance, 1st Lieut. O. C. Dewey, 2d Lieut. S. N. Prather.

Company E - Captain Chester D. Knox, 1st Lieut. Henry C. Harbour, 2d Lieut. Phillip Rose.

Company F - Captain William B. Simpson, 1st Lieut. Geo. A. Parks, 2d Lieut. Martin T. Wayman.

Company G - Captain Frank J. Rothaker, 1st Lieut. Wm. McK. Day, 2d Lieut. Chas. J. Mayer.

Company H - Captain Andrew J. Long, 1st Lieut. Adolph Fritz, 2d Lieut. William Busby.

Company I - Captain John Scott, 1st Lieut. Charles McAfee, 2d Lieut. George Hervey.

Company K - Captain John F. Hopkins, 1st Lieut. Noah Z. Hunter, 2d Lieut. Wallace B. Lukens.

Fifth Regiment.

Company A - Captain James T. Gray - 1st Lieut. Wm. Ramp - 2d Lieut. - James Crawford.

Company B - Captain - Andrew Glass, 1st Lieut. H. W. Fisher , 2d Lieut. - N. P. Renick.

Company C - Captain - Wm. Hall, 1st Lieut. - John V. Wilson, 2d Lieut. - D. W. Brodie.

Company D - Captain - Porter Smith, 1st Lieut. - Wm. B. Lewis, 2d Lieut.- ___.

Company E - Captain - Wm. H. Taylor, 1st Lieut. - J. A. Falkenstein, 2d Lieut. - B. Chandler.

Company F - Captain - George Adams, 1st Lieut. - S. A. Heaton, 2d Lieut. - Geo. Wood.

Company G - Captain - Harman Hardenstien, 1st Lieut. - Levi Stenbenrough, 2d Lieut. - John Marsh.

Company H - Captain - Augustus Hanlin, 1st Lieut. - Chas. Landkrohm, 2d Lieut. - Belze Schule.

Company I - Captain - John Goudy, 1st Lieut. - J. A. Ashworth, 2d Lieut. - Alfred Werk.

Company K - Captain - A. C. McKee, 1st Lieut. - A. Orey, 2d Lieut. - James Ashworth.

An election for field officers was to have taken place last evening. It is likely that, as in the case of the company elections, most of the old officers will be re-elected.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: June 1863

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