Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
June 29, 1863

Journal of the House of Delegates

MONDAY, JUNE 29, 1863.

The House met according to adjournment.

Prayer by Rev. T. H. Smyth.

Journal of Friday read and approved

Mr. Kramer, from the committee on Military Affairs reported House Bill No. 8, entitled "A Bill relating to exemptions from military duty;" which was read a first time.

My Bowyer, from the committee on Roads and Internal Navigation, reported House Bill No. 9, entitled "An Act to authorize the heirs of David Albright to establish a ferry across Cheat river;" which was read a first time.

The following communication was received from the Senate:

SENATE CHAMBER, June 26, 1863. The Senate has this day insisted upon its amendment to the sixth joint rule, to strike out therefrom the words "dropping the person who shall have the smallest number of votes on the former vote."

The Senate has also passed the following bill, House Bill No. 6, "A Bill to authorize the Council of the city of Wheeling to raise money, by way of loan, for the defense of the said city."

ELLERY R HALL, Clerk of Senate.

The Speaker stated the question to be, Shall the House recede from its disagreement to the Senate's amendment? and the question being put, it was decided in the affirmative.

On motion of Mr. Keeney, the vote by which House Bill No. 5, entitled "A Bill to provide for the division into townships of the several counties of the State," was ordered to engrossment, was reconsidered.

On motion of the same gentleman, the bill was amended in the thirty-first line, by striking out "three" before "dollars," and substituting "two."

On motion of Mr. Lamb, the bill was laid upon the table.

House Bill No. 7, entitled "A Bill concerning the Hempfield Railroad Company," was taken up, read the second time and ordered to engrossment.

A message from the Senate announced the passage by that body, of House bill No. 3, entitled "An Act relating to official bonds," with the following amendments:

1. Strike out of the fourteenth section the words "and stamped."

2. Transpose the words "two last" in the twenty-first section so as to read "last two."

3. Strike out of the twenty-second section the words "nineteenth chapter" and insert the words "eighteenth chapter."

4. Strike out the seventh section and insert the following:

"Every person elected or appointed to any office shall be allowed sixty days after his election or appointment, in which to qualify and give the bonds of his office, unless otherwise provided."

The amendments were taken up one by one, and severally agreed to.

On motion of Mr. Kramer,

Resolved, That the committee on Finance be instructed to inquire into the expediency of reporting a bill providing for the election of Township Assessors and Collectors of the State and County revenue.

On motion of Mr. Crothers,

Resolved, by the House of Delegates, the Senate concurring, That we proceed on Wednesday, July 1st, to the election of a Public Printer.

Ordered, That Mr. Crothers so inform the Senate.

On motion of Mr. Dawson,

Resolved, That the committee on Military Affairs be instructed to inquire into the expediency of reporting a bill, as soon as practicable, providing for the organization of a military force for the purpose of protecting the counties of this State infested with lawless bands of marauders.

On motion of Mr. Lamb,

Resolved, That the Clerk do forthwith procure to be printed five hundred copies of bills No's one, two, three and four, as passed by the Legislature, for the use of the House.

Mr. Lamb gave notice that he should move to so alter the twenty-eighth rule as to relieve the Speaker from signing the warrants, &c., given by the Sergeant-at-Arms.

On motion of Mr. Crothers, the House adjourned.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: June 1863

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