Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
July 8, 1863

Journal of the House of Delegates
of the State of West Virginia

(Wheeling: John F. M'Dermot, Public Printer, 1863)

[wanted committee appointed to discuss dividing state into congressional districts, paying Pendleton County home guards for defense against rebels]

WEDNESDAY, July 8, 1863

House met at the usual hour.

Prayer by Rev. D. W. Fisher.

Journal read and approved.

Mr. Lamb, from the committee on the Judiciary, reported the following bills, which on his motion were respectively read the first time:

House Bill No. 16, entitled "A Bill to regulate criminal proceedings against negroes."
House Bill No. 17, entitled "A Bill to amend the Act staying the collection of certain debts." House Bill No. 18, entitled "A Bill to prescribe the time for holding rules in the Clerk's office of the Circuit Court for Ohio county."
House Bill No. 19, entitled "A Bill to regulate the recovery of claims where the State is a party interested."

On motion of Mr. Crothers,

Ordered, That the committee on the Judiciary inquire into the expediency of allowing Milton Wells, elected Clerk of the Circuit Court of Brooke county, one hundred and twenty days after his election in which to qualify and give the bond of his office.

On motion of Mr. Crawford,

Ordered, That a committee of one from each Senatorial district be appointed to report a suitable division of the State into Districts for the election of Representatives in the Congress of the United States.

On motion of Mr. Boggs,

Ordered, That the committee on Military Affairs take into consideration the expediency of making an appropriation of not less than one thousand dollars to pay the Home Guards of Seneca, in Pendleton county, for their services in defense of said county against the raids and incursions of rebel forces; and that they report by bill or otherwise.

On motion of Mr. Griffin,

Ordered, That the committee on Counties, Townships and Municipal Corporations, be instructed to inquire into the expediency of so altering the boundaries of the county of Webster as to run as follows: from the mouth of Bonnock Shoal Run a straight line to a corner on the Greenbrier and Pocahontas line, on Cranberry Creek, and thence a straight line to the mouth of Stroud's Creek.

Mr. Zinn moved to take up the resolution offered by himself yesterday and laid over, proposing to go into the election of United States Senators on Saturday next; but the motion was not agreed to.

On motion of Mr. Lamb, the House adjourned.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: July 1863

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