Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
July 18, 1863

Journal of the House of Delegates
of the State of West Virginia

(Wheeling: John F. M'Dermot, Public Printer, 1863)

[joint resolution about committee to divide state into Congressional districts; passed HB 30 about trials in counties where war interrupts normal activities, several bills being referred to committees or reported out of committees]

SATURDAY, July 18, 1863.

Prayer by Rev. J. T. McLure.

Journal read and approved.

J. C. Gillilan, member from Greenbrier, appeared and was qualified.

Mr. Lamb, from the committee on the Judiciary, to whom was referred Senate Bill No. 2, entitled "A Bill regulating proceedings in criminal cases," reported it back, and recommended its passage with the following amendment: Strike out the following words from the twenty-third section (lines one hundred and sixty-eight and one hundred and sixty-nine) "and the second, fifth, and sixth sections of chapter two hundred and twelve," so that the said twenty-third section will read-"23. Chapters two hundred and four and two hundred and five of the Code of Virginia are hereby repealed."

He also from the same committee, reported House Bill No. 37, entitled "A Bill concerning the bond of the surveyor of lands:" and House Bill No. 38, entitled "A Bill to provide for the forfeiture of property in this State belonging to the enemies thereof."

The bills so reported, were on motion, read the first time.

The Senate Bill so reported back, was taken up, and the amendment agreed to, and it was ordered to third reading.

A message from the Senate announced the passage by that body, of House Bill No. 23, entitled "A Bill to provide seals for the several courts and recorders;" also, the adoption of the following joint resolution:

Resolved, That a committee of five on the part of the Senate, and nine on the part of the House, be appointed to take into consideration the districting of the State into Congressional districts.

Also, that that body had agreed to the House joint resolution in relation to the election of United States Senators, with the following amendment: strike out the words "Monday, the 20th day of July," and substitute the words "Thursday, the 6th day of August."

On motion of Mr. Van Winkle, the resolution was amended by striking out "nine" and substituting "ten" as the number of the committee on the part of the House, and as amended, was adopted.

On motion of Mr. Crothers, the amendment to the House joint resolution was amended by striking out "6th" and substituting "5th" (of August) and the Senate's amendment thus amended, was agreed to.

Engrossed House Bill No. 30, entitled "A Bill to provide for the trial of offences committed in counties in which the administration of justice may be interrupted by war or insurrection," was taken up, read the third time, and passed, with its title.

The YEAS were - Messrs. Patrick (Speaker), Ballard, Barns, Bee, Boggs, Bowyer, Bumgarner, Copley, Crooks, Crothers, Davidson, Dawson, Dunbar, Dunn, Fleming, Foster, Gillilan, Goff, Griffin, Hagar, Hale, Hinchman, Holman, Keeney, Kittle, Lamb, Little, Lough, Mann, McGrew, McWhorter, Michael, Rader, Robinson, Ross, Ruffner, Sheets, Shriver, Sutton, Sweeney, Teter of Upshur, Turner, Van Winkle, Wheat, Wiant, and Wright - 47.

The NAYS were - None.

House Bill No. 33, entitled "A Bill to prevent the sale and use of liquors on election days;" House Bill No. 34, entitled "An Act respecting the loyalty of ministers of the Gospel," and House Bill No. 36, entitled "A Bill to provide for rebuilding the bridge across Buffalo creek, at Barnsville, Marion county," were respectively taken up and read the first time.

On motion of Mr. McGrew,

House Bill No. 29, entitled "An Act to provide for the issuing of grants where entries have heretofore been made," was taken from the table, and on motion of the same gentleman, it was recommitted.

Mr. Shriver, by leave, introduced House Bill No. 39, entitled "An Act to amend an act passed by the General Assembly of Virginia, February 19, 1856, entitled 'An Act to incorporate the Citizens Fire, Marine, and Life Insurance Company of Wheeling,'" and House Bill No. 40, entitled "An Act for the protection of Fish," which were on his motion, respectively read the first time.

Mr. Ruffner, from the committee on Taxation and Finance, reported House Bill No. 41, entitled "A Bill providing for examining and certifying commissioners' books for 1863," which on his motion, was read the first time.

On motion of Mr. Wheat, the resolution yesterday offered by himself, proposing a recess from August 1st to September 1st, was taken up.

Mr. Wheat proposed to amend by substituting "5th" of August for "1st" of August, and the amendment was adopted.

The question recurring upon the adoption of the resolution, it was rejected.

On motion of Mr. Dunbar,

Ordered, That the committee on Elections and Privileges be requested to inquire into the expediency of reporting a bill, or otherwise, prohibiting all persons who have been or may hereafter be in rebellion, or aiding in the rebellion, against the government, from holding any office of honor or profit in this State.

On motion of Mr. Sheets,

Ordered, That the committee on the Judiciary inquire into the expediency of passing a general law to enable partners to put their real estate, held and used for the partnership business, on the footing of personal property. Also, a law to enable the personal representative of a person who has been killed by neglect or default of another, to recoveer damages in those cases in which an action for damages would lie if death had not ensued. Also, a law to repeal the first section of chapter one hundred and nineteen of the Code of Virginia, second section, and to restore the vendor's lien on real estate sold except as to purchasers without notice and creditors.

On motion of Mr. Wheat,

Ordered, That the committee on Roads and Internal Navigation be requested to report a bill or otherwise, appropriating $1,000 for the repair of so much of the Morgan and Frederick Turnpike as lies within the county of Morgan, out of the taxes of said county for the year 1861.

On motion of Mr. Hagar,

Ordered, That the committee on Forfeited and Unappropriated Lands be instructed to report by bill, or otherwise, making provision for men who have been robbed of patents or deeds, by the rebels, or have lost them by fire or otherwise, to obtain a patent or deed as the case may be.

On motion of Mr. Crothers,

Ordered, That the committee on Taxation and Finance consider the expediency of reporting a bill fixing the salary of Attorney General and Adjutant General and his Clerk.

On motion the House adjourned.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: July 1863

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