Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
July 27, 1863

Journal of the House of Delegates
of the State of West Virginia

(Wheeling: John F. M'Dermot, Public Printer, 1863)

[heard committee reports and began discussion of admitting Berkeley County]

MONDAY, July 27, 1863.

Prayer by Rev. John Moffatt.

Journal of Saturday read and approved.

Mr. Kramer, from the committee of Conference to consider the Senate amendments to House Bill No. 8, entitled "A Bill relating to exemptions from military duty," reported that the committee had agreed to the first, and disagreed to the fifth, of said amendments.

The report was adopted.

Mr. Lamb, from the committee on the Judiciary, to whom was referred House Bill No. 9, entitled "An Act to authorize the heirs of David Albright to establish a ferry across Cheat river," returned from the Senate with an amendment, reported that in the opinion of the committee the amendment was precluded by the Constitution of the State, and recommended disagreement thereto.

On motion of Mr. McGrew,

Ordered, That the committee on the Judiciary be instructed to report a bill, as soon as practicable, fully defining the duties of recorders, under the sixth section of article seventh of the Constitution.

Mr. Dawson offered the following, which was, on motion, laid upon the table.

Resolved, That the time allowed to contestants for seats in this House to take depositions and prepare the evidence to sustain their respective claims, be limited to the 31st day of the present month; and that the chairman of the committee on Elections and Privileges be requested to notify parties interested of the action of this House on the subject.

Mr. Michael offered the following, which was also laid upon the table:

WHEREAS, by the Constitution for the State of West Virginia, ratified by the people thereof, it is provided that additional territory may be admitted into and become part of said State, with the consent of the Legislature thereof, and it is represented to the Legislature that the people of the county of Berkeley are desirous that said county should be admitted into and become part of the said State of West Virginia.

Resolved, That the committee on Counties, Townships, and Municipal Corporations be instructed to report by bill or otherwise, the propriety of admitting Berkeley county as one of the counties of the State of West Virginia.

The unfinished business, it being the consideration of House Bill No. 38, entitled "A Bill to provide for the forfeiture of property in this State, belonging to the enemies thereof" on its second reading, was taken up, and pending its consideration,

The House adjourned.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: July 1863

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