Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
August 22, 1863

Wheeling Intelligencer
August 28, 1863

Meeting in Monongalia.

Pursuant to previous notice a meeting of a portion of the Union voters of Monongalia was held in the Court House, on Saturday the 22nd inst.

The meeting was organized by calling Col. James Evans to preside, and the selection of James Hare, James Hep, Esq., Alexander L. Wade and Caleb Bell, Vice Presidents, and George M. Rhey, Secretary.

On motion, Dr. J. V. Boughner, W. P. Willey, Jesse Everly, Philip Horner and Dennis Shafer, were appointed a Committee to report resolutions for the action of the meeting, who submitted the following, which were unanimously adopted, after short speec[h]es by Senator Willey, Colonel Evans, Dr. Boughner and Geo. M. Rhey, strongly endorsing Mr. Brown:

Whereas, We, a portion of the Union voters of Monongalia, impressed with the paramount necessity at this time, of returning an unconditional Union Representative from this district to the next Congress, and believing that the Hon. Wm. G. Brown is the choice of a very large majority of the loyal voters of this county, and that by reason of his familiarity with the history of the admission of West Virginia into the Union, and his knowledge of the factious objections that may be sprung in the next Congress to embarrass our New State, will be better able to parry them, than a new man, without Mr. Brown's large experience and well posed judgment; therefore,

Resolved, 1st. That we would respectfully recommend to our sister counties composing this district, to unite with us in returning Mr. Brown to Congress, believing that we have a guarantee in the past course of that gentleman, that he will make us an able, faithful, and acceptable representative.

2d. That discarding all party consideration and interest in the coming election, our highest aim is the selection of such a man as will best promote the interests of the Federal Government, and the State of West Virginia, and that no man of untried loyalty, and devotion to the Union and the Constitution, is a fit representative of the people of West Virginia.

3d. That a copy of the preamble and resolutions of this meeting be published in the Morgantown Monitor, Fairmont National, and Intelligencer and Register at Wheeling.

James Evans, Pres't.
Geo. M. Rhey, Sec'y.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: August 1863

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