Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
August 23, 1863

Wheeling Daily Intelligencer
September 2, 1863

Guerrillas In Wayne County. - We learn from Senator Bowen who has arrived from his home in Wayne county, that another rebel raid was made through that section of country last week. Mr. Bowen lives about ten miles from the Ohio river. On Sunday of last week he was eating his dinner when a troop of about one hundred rebel horsemen under command of one Capt. Bill Smith passed within a short distance of his house. The rebels proceeded without interruption to steal all the horses they could find and to capture and parole citizens. As soon as their presence was discovered Col. Zigler started in pursuit but the rebels moved with great celerity and succeeded in escaping with what plunder they had secured.

On the Sunday before a squad of about seventeen rebels came down to Guyandotte, on the Ohio, and captured Major Phelps of the 5th Va. Infantry, who was at that point under arrest. They took the Major away with them. They also captured Mr. Wright, the delegate from Cabell, but let him go again. Their object was to steal horses. The[y] came into the country afoot but the most of them succeeded in securing horses before they left.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: August 1863

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