Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
September 21, 1863

Wheeling Daily Register
September 22, 1863

SETTLED. - The contested election case which has occupied the attention of the House of Delegates for the past two days, was finally settled yesterday afternoon in favor of Mr. Bee the vote appears to have been a very close one, and one that seems to have puzzled many of the leading members of the House. The subject was a knotty one and appeared difficult to unravel. The Committee on Elections and Privileges had the matter before them some three or four weeks, and spent several whole days in its consideration, when they reported that they could not arrive at any conclusion, and asked that the matter be referred to another committee. A vote of the House sent the matter before the Judiciary Committee, which reported in favor of Mr. Diss Debar. Mr. Bee and Mr. Diss Debar occupied the attention of the House with their remarks the whole of the past two days. - At the close of the debate yesterday evening the "engagement" became general, and quite an interesting affair was presented to the assembled crowd.

At five o'clock a vote was taken, when the report of the Judiciary Committee was rejected, by a vote of twenty to eighteen. - So Mr. Bee retains his seat.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: September 1863

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